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don't worry about cooking way without friends, who could face aunt.everybody is good!i am a little aunt.bean oil is usually called bean dip, is to let's eat regular firm tofu cut into small fang ding, fried in hot oil, because of its internal organization in honeycomb, reinforcement virtual, used to rinse, dipped in seasoning a bit after a hot soup out of the country, is very good, it also has a lot of, is rich in protein, has to maintain potassium sodium balance, enhance immunity, share with you today hot peppers fried beans, quickly delicious, is very common to a home cooking is still ate with relish.

ingredients:2 root hot peppers, beans soak right amount, millet pepper 3 root, garlic grain of three, half a spoonful of salt, 1 spoon, 1 spoon of fuel.


1, the ingredients ready.

2, all beans soak for two, convenient occasionally.

3, wash the hot peppers,(the hot peppers inside the seed can be removed and can not remove according to individual be fond of), cut into small pieces.

4, chop garlic granule, millet pepper cut into small sections.

5, add a moderate amount of oil pan, heat oil to put garlic, millet pepper until fragrant.

6, put in bean bubble, stir over medium heat for 2 minutes.

7, a small amount of added water, add light soy sauce, oyster sauce simmer for 1 minute.

8, to put hot peppers.

9, and then put a small amount of salt fried hot peppers duan sheng, turn off the fire.

10, this dish is bright color, entrance mellow, spicy our absolute is rice killer.

11, the collocation of hot peppers and bean is really wonderful, absolutely let you appetite.

don't worry about cooking way without friends, who could face aunt.everybody is good!i am a little aunt.unconsciously cooking cooking way to accompany you two years!spent days, knowledge sharing food life, experience the food together happy life!here, thank you!ok, my dear friends, today's article will share with you here, if you have any different opinions about this article, welcome comment from your point of view at the bottom of the article, we will read every message you~

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