one of the most suitable for children to eat nutritious food energetic once ate three days to do time

spring festival family reunion is the common aspiration of the chinese people, but the first quarter of all kinds of busy let a person tired.especially in preparing dinner, why don't do as i say a little bit more today's food to share, is recommended by a rich nutrition homemade beef.the practice on the basis of classic joined the apricot bao mushroom, make its taste and smell improve one level.

is recognized nutrition better meat, beef is very close to the indicators of the human body can eat more beef is more strong, as for the green peppers is that many children hate.actually eat more a few times also become accustomed to, green pepper contains very good nutrition.particularly high vitamin c content of vegetables, this is what you don't know.在疲惫紧张的日子里为孩子家人做个营养丰富却不费时间的美食吧










接着倒入杏鲍菇丝翻炒两下,然后倒入青红椒丝。and seasoned

when cooked can be out of the pot, taste and nutrition is just drops.try you will also like

tip:beef marinated for a while will taste a little more perfect

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