at the age of the big ye street selling rare secondary root delicious fried dough sticks to eat a stop

food is closely connected with people's lives, and food to eat now method is too many, not a chef dare say it will do all the dishes, everyone in the learning progress, food is also, by different people, different approach, has been changed, different people different taste, different people do the same food also have different tastes, although the taste is different, but like of the person also not less, to eat, like is the food, don't like can't say it isn't, because others may like it.prologue boring no nutrition, is really wonderful body.

old man on the street selling this kind of fried dough sticks has distinguishing feature very much, with the green twisted dough-strips let his business booming.every day a lot of people to eat, to eat a 5 root is enough to eat.this kind of green fried dough sticks that you have met?do you know how to make?we meet in life fried dough sticks are yellow.the old man is how to make green fried dough sticks?

life we see in the fried dough sticks are yellow.the old man is how to make green fried dough sticks?actually very simple make a green fried dough sticks.first above green dough is to use our usual eat green vegetables water ironed out juicer squeeze broken, filter out tony leave vegetables the pressed juice and can get the green of dough.this is green sanders' secret recipe for fried dough sticks.

and look at the oil temperature, picked up the chopsticks into the pot, after found out a bubble can order to keep the flip, put deepfry less, if put too much, because it didn't have time to flip, no loose.old man price 3 yuan a piece of fried dough sticks, delicious to stop, there is a thick vegetables see the green for the first time you'll be surprised how fried dough sticks?

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