how fresh the bullwhip clean look at the figure

because of bullwhip is the place where steak urine, so taste extremely at the time of cleaning, be extra attention.detailed cleaning steps are as follows:

first, if it is just remove the bullwhip, so the above would be with a tuo superfluous meat, then have to will the meat with a knife cut off the first.

note:extra meat refers to the end part of the soft little tender meat.

second, put it in the simple wash in warm water, the purpose is to wash the blood stained with above.

third, put the washed bullwhip in the pot to cook for a while, because high temperature can to a certain extent, removing fishy.note, however, don't be too long, if at this point it cooked in trouble.

4, use scissors to cut open the bullwhip boiled, then you can see the inside of the scrape the skin on the surface of the urethra, because it has a lot of urine residue, is can't wash clean.

this will be a bullwhip wash the way, even if it is cleared, it still has the flavor, so when make food, braise in soy sauce is better.

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