the practice of ribs stew rice rice than meat also sweet flavor do bowl at a time!


this will teach you how to do a special kind of fragrance, rather than stewed pork, vegetables can eat two bowls.


1, ready to raw materials:1 carrots, mushroom letinous quantity, sweet corn, ginger, onions, pork.carrots and mushrooms are letinous onion piace thenminto, butyl, ginger slices.

2, use cold water pot, add ginger and cooking wine, boiling water to go to.

3, adding suitable amount of oil in pan, add ginger, boil, saute chopped green onion, add boiling water until spare ribs.stir-fry until the yellow, put carrot, letinous xianggu mushroom, corn kernels stir evenly, add the sugar five small piece inside.

4, add the right amount of soy sauce, soy sauce, oil, salt and chicken essence seasoning.

5, cooking and usual, water as usual.then chop material evenly into the rice cooker, then stir with a spoon, cook cooking button, pop-up automatically rice cooker, then stuffy about 10 minutes to eat a.

this is a delicious stew pork ribs is ready-made, especially soft, rice than meat incense, the taste of all the materials to cook.

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