this roasted pork is very popular in the street yuan a kilo we should abandon very cheap!


pay attention to the aesthetic feeling of dishes, pay attention to food color, aroma, taste and shape, the coordinated and the performance of the aesthetic feeling of dishes is various.

a couple selling this food from the street, everyone was queuing to buy delicious, walk into a see, found that selling is pork.

this is two couples of stalls, put the pork in the characteristics of large steel drum bake, this approach is not simple.the boss said to marinate it meat do-it-yourself sauce first, and then put them here to roast, the amount of time is very long.

this meat, looks a little like barbecue, bacon is somewhat similar and at home.the boss said pork is made of local pig, taste good.asking price, 30 yuan a catty, feel you are not too expensive!

this bacon frying method has a lot of, my favorite or bacon with bamboo shoots, used to entertain friends, the most appropriate.

1.bacon and cut into small pieces, about half a centimeter thick

2.bamboo shoots off after a good wash and cut into small pieces, and then to boil water to steam them, so bamboo shoots eating will not have pins and needles

3.the piace thenminto onions, garlic, garlic sprout small cut short, the dry chili break in half, or use the scissors to also go, more ingredients standby

4.sit boiler ignition, need not put oil, bring bacon fat or more fat and fry the bacon in the pan fried oil after put onion, dried chili, the aroma of fried the ingredients in the rest of the bacon, fry after all put a little water and stir-fry for a while, and then into the blanch good bamboo shoots, put a little soy sauce

5.fry about three minutes and pour into a small bowl of water, cover the pot stewing about seven or eight minutes over medium heat, don't like dry pot, such as juice yield about, add garlic sprout, garlic, chicken essence, at the end of the dish up enjoyed

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