the three vegetables with delicious to fry can also soften blood vessels to protect the heart!

the three vegetables fried together, absolutely delicious to no words, very fresh, also soften blood vessels to protect the heart, today we are to introduce the chinese chive fried onion thousand, is a starch class home cooking, thousand also called tofu skin, thin kind, can enhance the ability of metabolism, onion and leek can promote intestinal peristalsis, the three kinds of collocation are together, the better

leeks and onion plus so blindly ingredients together, can soften blood vessels, can hear kidney, we give you below

is introduced the practice of chinese chive fried onion skin, if you like can collect oh

    <p>pictured above, the supermarket to buy back the packaging photos, leeks and onion</p>

    <p>we make this leeks fried onion thousand, we also need to prepare a little spring onion and shredded ginger</p>

    <p>cut up the skin, see below, wash and drain water</p>

    <p>cut the onion into filaments, green chinese onion cut into strip</p>

    <p>leek yellow leaves off clean cut into section, see below</p>

    <p>hot oil pan, add just chopped spring onion and shredded ginger, also add star one, into the pan fry, saute</p>

    <p>add chopped thousand stir evenly into the pan, see below</p>

    <p>skin into a pot stirring can add onions, see below</p>

    <p>onions into the pot of thousand stir evenly, with broken raw onion making, we put a little fuel to taste</p>

    <p>put a little cooking wine, see below</p>

    <p>of fuel and rice wine into the pot, stir evenly after we can add leeks just prepared the</p>

    <p>leek into the pot, stir evenly, we can add salt and monosodium glutamate into the pot seasoning, see below</p>

    <p>stir once more, you can out of pan</p>

thousand also called tofu skin, is a kind of bean products, fried with leek and onions, very next meal, leeks and onions add

so blindly ingredients on fried together, can soften blood vessels, can hear kidney.

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