the method is simple and easy-to-use fried prawns


fresh prawns


breadcrumbs:right amount

green chinese onion(piace thenminto)

ginger(piace thenminto)

rice wine:15 ml

now mohei pepper, salt,

corn oil

look at the colour and lustre is absolutely fresh, just get out in the early morning talons shrimp

production steps:

to go wash peeled shrimp head shrimp line

draw a knife cut not abdomen,

patted gently with the knife back,

let more loose some shrimp.

add chopped green onion, ginger, cooking wine, and is now at the end of the mohei pepper salt, pickled

the eggs into a bowl, whip the uniform

the shrimp, in turn, scattered on the egg liquid.

and then wrapped in breadcrumbs.





比韩餐店的炸虾好吃百倍呀,裹上面包糠炸过的大虾,色泽金黄,口感酥脆,提前腌渍入味,酥香鲜美!method is simple and easy-to-use recommend eating just now now delicious

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