the zodiac character on behalf of the dishes and see what is your star sign represent?


when the personality of the zodiac has a dish, you think what is it?

aries:boiled beef

there is a kind of let a person see it and feel happy feeling, because always seem to be so warm, sunshine, optimistic, strong, also for the friend kang is generous, straight to straight to personality, is a bit small temper.aries men have great man's doctrine of disposition, and white female is female image of man.

traditional dishes, sichuan cuisine.perfectly smooth, strong fragrance, with sichuan hot pot hemp, hot, hot flavor, taste after made spicy, like aries person's personality, once tried to make people forget, will make you more and more love.

taurus:thai tom yam kung soup in winter

is very conservative, like stability, once there is any change will feel unease, character is slow, but taurus is financing, for finance and investment have unique insights.taurus man character is a little self, and taurus woman like yourself, want to live better.

is the kingdom of thailand soup, one of the world's top ten soup taste hot and sour,"dong yin"is the meaning of hot and sour,"work"means the shrimp.the sour, hot, sweet, sweet several delicious all together, not only popular, unique appearance to the taste.

gemini:ham and egg sandwiches

like the pursuit of novelty, a little wisdom, is not enough patience, often do things are three minutes heat, hard to insist, but gemini lovely personality will make a lot of people like to make friends with you.gemini man surface is very flower heart, actually deep feeling, and two children like making innovation and change.

with vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, etc., is a balanced food easy to do.a ham sandwich skin is a little hard, but inside with the colorful food, from meat to green vegetables, like, like gemini, external rational cold feeling to the person, but found that after contact with rich inner.

cancer:sweet and sour lotus root

mood easily sensitive, also lack a sense of security, attentive to one thing, to do things have to stay the course of perseverance, a heavy feeling heavy righteousness, especially loyal to friends, family, cancer man is just a good man, gu guai family, the cancer woman maternal halo, very good-hearted.

a homely dishes, main ingredient is the lotus root, sweet and crisp tender, finished product this sweet and sour mix dish, reminiscent of the cancer brings you great and jealousy, simple and relaxed

leo:red wine filet mignon

with grand ideal, total want to rely on our own efforts to become people master cheng yen, lion looking forward to the high above the superiority, also expect to be admired by worship feeling, a little confidence a bit arrogant.male lion big man flavor is very heavy, saving face, a lion female warm sunshine, handout spirit of friends.

the steak is a symbol of luxury and luxury, love the elegant luxury they also pursue the grade of the food, the dish can bring lions noble and romantic to enjoy


although often be black, but virgo is still adhere to the pursuit of their own perfectionism, because in your opinion, can't live on, the pursuit of perfect, more can't make do have a goal to make progress, of course, also need to encourage.virgo man perseverance is very strong, can stick to, virgin female intellectual curiosity is very strong.

one of the traditional japanese food, sushi food this delicate, full of art, may be to meet the requirements of their high taste and visual, sushi cold feeling, nutrition, like a virgo man, looks cold, but the heart is wisdom, virgo nothing more character also conforms to the characteristics of sushi fewer but better, though the quantity is little, but on the composition and match are very science and nutrition.

libra:hawaii pizza

often pursue equality, harmony, good at sense motive, communication ability is very strong, so true friend a lot, because the libra enough sincerity, but the biggest drawback is in the face of choice are hesitant.libra men care about themselves and ignore other people easily, these women would like to be with.

pizza always lets a person associate to the atmosphere of joy, because pizza is a need to many people share the art and the beauty of the scales, like the appearance of pizza feels, profusion is colorful, very beautiful.

scorpio:indian curry paella

energetic, possessiveness, for life is targeted, vowed to reach the goal don't give up, vengeful, illusive, will make his desperate revenge has hurt you.scorpio male egoism color is very strong, scorpio girl ego to protect consciousness is very strong, not easy to close.

although it looks ugly, and it's light, but taste when i know spicy curry, a faint power hot, scorpio will help to appreciate the strong contrast between inner and outer.this dish is like scorpio's character, hide their deep, cold on outside, the people around by their guessing attract want to know what a magnetic field.

sagittarius:tomato sauce spaghetti

freedom, brave, decisive and independent, with a courage that no matter how difficult, as long as want to, can do, striker of perseverance and confidence is hard to knock down.sagittarius men loves freedom, hate being bound, striker female personality is simple and direct, don't play calculating, but headstrong.

is tomato sauce, meat by italian noodles, a variety of seasoning made from a rice and dish of food.the effect of acid taste fresh, with appetizers spleen.look healthy nutrition and vigour, and sagittarius person this feeling, like sagittarius friend, looks simple and easy-going, inner purity.

capricorn:mei vegetables pork with

is the most patient of the zodiac, for what most carefully, and also the good signs of the zodiac.they work down-to-earth, is stubborn, also won't let go of to reach the goal.their endurance is also surprisingly strong, at the same time, also very hard.always carry a lot of sense of responsibility in their hearts, but often very insecure, not completely believe in others.

called burning white, belongs to guangdong hakka dishes, probably in the memory of many people, all have preserved vegetable braised pork, and capricorn is inseparable from the memories of those who

aquarius:watermelon with australian cheese

is very smart, their biggest characteristic is innovation, the pursuit of unique life, individualistic heavy signs of the zodiac.they are friendly to people and pay attention to privacy.aquarius is definitely the star of friendship""each class, he likes to make friends, but it is hard to heart-to-heart talks with them, it takes a long time.of their family is indifferent and alienated many.

the more strange food, the more they want to try if this dish is from mars, even in their meaning, so it must meet their food very innovative

pisces:marca dragon

is the last a constellation of the zodiac, he gathered all the advantages and disadvantages of the constellation, affected by the water sign of emotional at the same time, make their original complex character was added to a more complex.the biggest advantages of pisces people have a kind heart, they are willing to help others, and even sacrifice themselves.

also known as dragon card, french small round cakes, the fantasy as oxygen pisces will be marca dragon small delicate, attracted by the colorful dream

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