the practice of potato of children, older people are fond of eating

potato cake is a delicious flavor snack, it is very simple, but many people like to eat.about the practice of it has a lot of kinds, so everyone be fond of the way of what?

egg black bean cake demand will wash clean potatoes peeled back first, and then use it to cut into filaments stay aside, and then prepare an egg and stir it with chopsticks scattered back in the black, also need to add some flour and water.add some salt, msg, sesame oil to taste, stir, on average, in the future, pour into edible oil in pan, good batter evenly inside the pot.choose a small fire will cook both sides.

onion potato latkes requirements ready potatoes, onions, carrots, and flour.and carrots and onions, potatoes, wash clean, cut up used them very fine shape, convenient at the time of hash brown ingredients cooked easily.then cut the good ingredients into the bowl, add the flour and water, add some eggs to make fried cake flavor more.pan into edible oil inside, wait until the oil temperature is appropriate, when i was in the flat out on the bottom of the pot.

cumin pies demand potatoes to wash clean first and then cut into squares will it steamed into the steamer in the future, and then scoop out with a spoon to the pieces into the mashed potatoes.then add some wheat flour and water in mashed potatoes, and half the sticky form.oil heat, put the dough out into a circular form in pan-fry in the pan, sprinkle some cumin powder on it.

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