pregnant women in africa in the eyes of food long like stones they described: taste better than chocolate

in africa, pregnant women in the eyes of cuisine is what this looks like a stone, and they described:taste better than chocolate!

it is a kind of clay, shaped like a stone, after drying in kenya can literally find even throughout africa, sometimes will see there are a lot of in the big market to sell.people like to buy to eat as snacks, flat into the mouth, salty, according to the local people said it was delicious!

at the yale school of medicine, professor david katz believes, in the clay is rich in calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, and other mineral elements, in many areas of dairy, pregnant women eat clay, in order to satisfy the body during pregnancy and lactation heavy demand for these nutrients.

vendors like to dry the clay by size classification, is also very affordable prices, the biggest 10 yuan, medium$5, small 1 yuan.according to vendors, catch the county, a day to sell a few hundred catties.

the locals for convenience edible, used the clay to dry baked into the clod like cookies.

this clump, known as"udon bone"(udongo), many supermarkets in kenya, you can find.after good packaging, it and other snacks on a shelf for sale.packaging pallet, a small bag as long as ten shillings(1 yuan), a lot of people like to eat, of local pregnant women as snacks.

small make up thought food in addition to the table, there are all kinds of cookies, cakes, sugars, candied fruit, dried fruit, meat, such as tea brewing products.see these snacks in a clay model, a real eye-opener.

in africa, especially in rural areas in africa, pregnant women eat clay is fairly is estimated that even in the lowest rate of tanzania, there are 28% of pregnant women eat clay.clay has become a indispensable tonic african pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, especially the clay around the termites nest is considered to be the best.

"dirt", in our opinion seems incredible, but for africans,"dirt"is the wisdom of their copies of natural nutrition.‍ an african netizens said, every time she is pregnant, all special want to eat"udon bone", eat, think of the taste of nature, or the taste of the rain.pregnancy reaction time to eat a small piece will be more comfortable.she already has four healthy cute little baby, she also said that each time during pregnancy and lactation,"udon bone"is she cannot leave a snack.

this, what do you think?have the opportunity to africa, you will buy taste?

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