birds take you to the bangkok thai baht giant chicken rice can eat one hour free of charge

although delicate snacks, giant food at often let a person appetite is big also.features a giant hotel in thailand there are also small pavilion, today the bird to introduce a shop features a giant chicken rice.

look at this weight, big stomach king do you have confidence for an hour after hour can finish from single, of course, also has the normal weight of chicken rice, a 50 baht.

the miserable little elder brother have sent 2 minute 37 seconds.if finish eat in one hour, not only free of charge, there is a big plate can take prize.

store of many big stomach king photos posted on the you have any interest to challenge it.

the little sister 46 minutes to complete, can't really see the shape is so strong combat effectiveness.

the little sister have failed to cough up, but courage.

28 minutes to complete the national to combat warriors...

so the price of a giant chicken rice 650 baht, 500 baht last year, this year's various prices.

there are a couple the store in bangkok.

the old position bts saphan kwai mouth out 1 can see a picture of big brand.

now also opened new stores in the vicinity of the watergate market

new stores to watergate itself stores to the 6th floor of

fast forward to the big stomach king to challenge and see around you.

ps:reading hands do not blind copy, each platform i have my own number, they will be distributed.three days two head complaint copy i feel bored.don't give i go looking for trouble.

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