to share the festival atmosphere fun win new year red envelopes beer and skittles holidays!

2018 spring festival will come, combing the old past, outlook future in the new year.this new year, we sincerely invite the headline number creators, with today's headlines food channel, travel, health throughout all china, fun to listen to you talk about chinese new year, springtime delights hometown festival atmosphere, beer and skittles holidays!

【 activity 4 big reward 】 year red envelopes reward:during the activity selection every day 1 piece of high quality content is sent out 100 yuan jingdong card(content not limited micro headlines, the wu is empty, the headline numbers by question and answer).

2.micro headlines topic reward

gold hit a talent(82)

the first prize(2):1000 yuan jingdong card

the second prize(10):500 yuan jingdong card

(20):third prize, 200 yuan jingdong card

excellence award(50):" about nutrition books 1

3.wukong q&a reward

gold hit a master(52)

the first prize(2):1000 yuan jingdong card

the second prize(10):500 yuan jingdong card

third prize(20):200 yuan jingdong card

excellence award(20):the headline custom usb 1

4.graphic reward

gold hit a creator(6):298 yuan worth headlines custom pen

declaration:graphic works can insert card that matches the commodity, in the article the creator commissions can be divided into.

"activity form"

1.application:forward activity posters, [email protected] friends [email protected] [email protected]@headlines headlines tourism health official the headline number.

2.participate in:

(1) the topic

page topics##beer and skittles holidays, released in the topic related to chinese new year dinner and a movie headlines, content, [email protected] friend [email protected]@@headlines headlines tourism health food, original content will consist of 3 to 9 a nice pictures, text any words, containing sensitive, the promotion of information is prohibited.

(2) the wu is empty q&a

answer with"food""travel"nutrition","health"any tag question, and answer link submit page in project activities, namely the successful participation.

(3) the headline number by

to create the graphic content of beer and skittles holidays, card can be inserted in the article we goods(the author can be divided into commission), and to submit in thematic activities page graphic link.

declaration:please retention of activity posters, convenient to identify the qr code below;need to submit answer page link or graphic links to activities, party is involved in success.

(4) click on the link to the answer:

(5) click on the submit an article and answer link:

scan qr code works submitted links

link to submit schematic:

link submit schematic


the headline:on march 3, on february 1-

graphic:on march 3, on february 1-

the wu is empty answers:on march 3, on february 5th-


winners will be on march 16, 2017 [email protected] [email protected]@headlines headlines tourism health posted on the official account.


after the activity, today's headlines will be according to the headline number the author published during the period of activity content, released from quantity, quality, and the total number of reading, reading on average number, rose powder and so on comprehensive assessment of selected micro headlines, wukong q&a and the headline number by one, two, three, excellence award winners.

on march 3, feb.2-during the activity,@headlines [email protected]@headlines headlines tourism health official account each randomly selected in activity 1 a fortunate every day send new year red envelopes.

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