buffet if encounter this kind of meat can avoid adulterated elements too much you still eating?

at the end of every year is a time when a lot of friends, at this time when it comes to the party, is this two place, one is to eat a hot pot is the buffet.now this time must be business each hot-pot restaurant is fully booked, so a lot of people will choose the buffet.but eat buffet will pay attention to, eat buffet if meet the meat should never be avoided.

buffet species now has a lot of, barbecue buffet, barbecue buffet.people generally choose the barbecue is more, don't know if you have found that many are frozen goods we eat barbecue, you want to eat some fresh meat is also quite difficult, sometimes fresh meat tastes delicious taste will also feel no frozen goods.

so this is the problem, the fresh beef, mutton, and even some pork fat outside the store to buy is the lowest price.most of the time the meat is the most is not the cheapest meat nutrition.but when we go to eat but will spend several times the price to eat, like steak this is a prime example.

online have revealed these meat is the cheapest meat, some experts also said that the meat is eating may not.for example we eat steak, beef, some"have no conscience,"the businessman will buy some cheap pork, pork chops and then add some food additives on it or spices, so that the guests eat natural was like some kind of meat flavor.

but it's not real meat, most of them are adulterated.some have worked in the buffet restaurant friend know, in fact, the best is to eat less meat, if go to eat buffet, had better eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is not occupy.after you see, my friends, is what want to say?

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