the way of the spring festival will eat good food to morals to wish everyone a prosperous year of dog!

10 days will be the new year, holidays we will eat auspicious dishes, good luck in new year, smooth, small make up to you today with a few moral good lucky dish, do a meal on new year, relatives and friends to open a good year for yourself!~~~~

four xi balls


1 650 g pork, eggs, water chestnut 4, steamed bread, 1/2 onion ginger, onion ginger 1 spoon right amount, soy sauce, cooking wine, 1 big spoon, 2 small spoon of salt, water starch, corn starch wait 6 1 small spoon, chinese prickly ash, aniseed one.practice

1, wash and pat dry pork, chopped to filling, need not too thin.

2 peel, water chestnuts, chopped;steamed bread slice xiaoding.

3, add in egg in the meat, add green onion, ginger, call in all the materials except wait prickly ash aniseed, beating until now along a direction, which add a few drops of water and whisk together.then add in chopped water chestnut and steamed bread, mix well.

4, meat ball into balls.

5, into the oil pan, after sixty percent hot into balls fried to golden brown remove to drain oil.

6, casseroles, adding suitable amount of water, add fried meat balls, green wait ginger and peppercorns aniseed, transferred to the old smoke to the color that oneself like, boil and turn a simmer to see less liquid, then remove to balls.

7, the rest of the crock pot soup, continue to boil water transfer into starch(component) flour until thickened, sprinkle sesame oil, then sprinkle on the balls.

row bone in cake

rice cakes homophonic"year high", meaning each year promotion, became essential to every chinese new year holiday foods.rice cake square patches of yellow, white rice cakes, a symbol of the gold, silver, embodies the meaning of fortune in the new year.

ingredients ribs, rice cakes, lettuce, rock sugar, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, onion, ginger, raw powder, star anise, cinnamon,


1, rinse ribs, marinated pork ribs:charging wine, salt, soy sauce, a little cornflour mix with marinade for 15 minutes or so, onion take a cut scallion, ginger, slice;

2, put a little oil pan, fry the pork ribs to change color, add rock sugar to continue to stir until sugar melting, ribs on a camel;

3, put the soy sauce, soy sauce, stir fry color;

4, add water, at least for the quantity of ribs, add green onion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, a little put some rice wine, fire boil.put a pinch of salt, continue to boil;

5, broth to two-thirds of the time to join the rice cakes, and rice cakes cooked soft flavor, soup is thick and greasy;

6, fill dish, and add sauce.

hugely increased(sweet and sour pork ribs)

【 material 】 ribs 2 root cutting(ribs), green chinese onion root, 2 slices ginger, sesame and surface decoration, small chopped green onion, 1 small spoon, 1 scoop of white granulated sugar, vinegar, cooking wine 2 tablespoons


1.wash ribs, with light soy sauce, cooking wine, grated ginger marinated overnight

2.the ribs add starch to grasp well, into the pan fry until both sides color

3.chop add starch to grasp well, such as pan fry until both sides color

4.add spareribs, join the balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, open to taste a little boiled, need not much water, adjust the taste of sweet and sour sauce, continue to boil for 10 minutes, charge pus can

5.after the plate sprinkle with white sesame and green scallions decoration


raw materials:corn, fresh mushroom, red hot peppers


1.the prepared material.wash mushrooms, dicing after them;wash and remove the internal white pulp and hot peppers seeds, dicing;garlic slices.

2.fruit corn strip granulating with the hand, pay attention to not cut with the knife, knife cut the corn very tender germ off easily, taste and nutrition will be the loss.

3.put the right amount of peanut oil pan, oil after hot fried garlic slice of the aroma.

4.mushrooms, under the small fire stir-fried, some water softening and stir-fry until mushrooms.

5.stripped corn kernels, with the help of a mushroom gravy fried and boiled, until completely discolored mature corn kernels.

6.under the hot peppers, transfer into a half grams of salt and the right amount of oyster sauce, stir evenly until hot peppers cut can turn off the heat consumption.

house full of silver and gold(fried tofu cashews)

tape material 】 【 12, japan tofu article 4, 50 g lettuce 1, cashew nuts, red pepper, 1 egg, 1 raw powder, 1 slice ginger, 1 tsp cooking wine, salt, sugar, 1/3 tsp pepper


1.the belt take yuan bei wash and drain water, red peppers into rings to be used;the japanese tofu cut from a third place, a cut into three parts, a total of 12 period;wash lettuce and drain water;yuan bei add marinade for 15 minutes;egg, and then put the japanese tofu into the egg liquid, add with the bowl of starch with starch

2.under the pot of oil, up to 30 degrees, in the japanese tofu, fried tofu into golden after remove, drain oil to use

3.another dish up the oil heat, cashews pan fry, fried yellow slowly with the small fire, remove to stay with the

4.another dish up the oil, add yuan bei and red pepper, put the fried tofu, thicken again, put the fried cashew, mix well can dish up the plate

5.another dish up the water to boil, add a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of oil, then add lettuce for 10 seconds, immediately too cold river, drain water, drinking water, and the rest of the lettuce drain water for use, the rim with orchid, parsley and cherry tomatoes, cut into the rabbit decoration, put the"house full of silver and gold on the lettuce.

every year more than(sweet and sour carp)

material:carp, about 500 grams.

ingredients:starch right amount, suitable amount of flour, tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon salt, water spoon, 5 4 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, cooking wine, 1 tablespoon, onion, ginger, garlic in moderation.


1.the carp after clean, drain water, 2.5 cm on the two sides across the body of the oblique cut a knife, cut 1 cm deep, and then sliced 2 centimeters).

2.slightly pickled with pepper, light soy sauce and a little salt.

3.the light soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, cooking wine, tomato sauce, water for the sweet and sour sauce.

4.into starch, flour paste, stir well, put on the pickled fish.

5.seventy percent hot burning oil, mention the tail, slightly fried fish head first into the oil.

6.pour oil pour over fish, stay in the coagulation of the batter and then put the fish slowly into the pan.

7.stay fish fry until golden brown, remove to accuse oil into the pan.

8.leave a little oil to fry pan, add chopped green onion, ginger, garlic saute, add good juice.

9.a little wet starch added thick dish up water in the fish.

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