children the next day will eat this bread nutrition health also sweet soft tasty even a month is not to eat greasy

about egg cake, the estimate is not easier than this also nutrition delicious family like porridge for breakfast.the pasta is not cold, only have a special liking to the egg cake, let me do a two day trips, still have to eggs bread never reserve materials ahead of time, have what use what to do, optional collocation, as long as tie-in appropriate, not only delicious nutrition can also come up.said, early in the morning, kids clamoring to eat eggs, bread, holding the home and the rest of the small group of onions and i say to want to add this in, i flip the refrigerator and pulled out a lettuce, push the silk, ke into the egg, not spend a few minutes for the fried thick omelet.a cup of hot milk, children eat, straight quart mother craft.egg cake to do springy rolls, delicious that mastering the batter condition, too thin, not forming is too thick stand don't open.今天我就给大家分享我家鸡蛋饼的做法,您跟着步骤,准能做好暄软好吃的鸡蛋饼,给孩子的伙食换换口味~











配上热牛奶或者肉粥都相当的棒,一口咬下还有莴笋脆脆的口感,蛋香里裹着洋葱的香气,简直太美味了,一个早餐我和孩子能吃上2锅还意犹未尽呢。if you have better to eat egg cake, welcome message to communicate with cat oh~

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