"classic tale" wine battle

maqiao town ma laohan love to drink, but never buy wine and he drink made from wine.ma laohan is made from glutinous rice wine, degree is not high, soft, not easy.

glutinous rice in season every year, ma laohan glutinous rice on to purchase a few hundred catties, made from a month before chinese new year.he could is special, it is handed down from grandparents.ma laohan every year the capacity for liquor is siwubaijin, tube enough.ma laohan thinks his rice wine has certain health care function, so you also send some to the son of two work in the provincial capital taste.

the chinese new year is coming soon, ma laohan opened it out wine, village officer came to ma laohan home, haven't that take the door, even boast bouquet.ma laohan nose"hum", turn around.

originally, ma laohan and village officer is a holiday.that year, the village cadres to check in the village, noon to drink, a township cadres, want to drink rice wine, let ma laohan drank a bottle of village cadres sent to.village officer after mi a mouthful, spilled wine on the floor, in front of ma laohan also taunted said:used for processing drugs also ratio you this delicious rice wine.although the village cadres to ma laohan explains village officer was drunk, but ma laohan heart bumps have been.

"brother, i'll give you a early.i thing of the past is wrong, i lost a gift to you."village officer a face of sincere, pass a cigarette.ma laohan is not unreasonable, see the somebody else to make, what is there to say.so tea is served.

"to today, there is also a matter, you can get help."village officer and smiling said.

"ha ha, as long as i can do, go ahead."ma laohan also very frank.

"your rice wine, i want to buy some.you also know that the village and leadership, old to drink wine, not only influence not good, also increase burden of everyone.besides, those who drink the wine dry mouth feel dizzy, didn't you drink up."village officer says the bitterness.

"line, i help you to pour a bucket."ma laohan also happy in my heart, the somebody else really recognized his own craft.

to have a clean plastic ma laohan, fill after said:"about 20 jins, first to drink, not enough to get it."

village officer nodded and pulled out a five hundred yuan of money, put on the table.ma laohan a look, and hurriedly say:"that use handle that?one hundred is enough."

village officer sat down and enlighten ma laohan:"more than three hundred, a bottle of wine you wine even in wine, half value it always said in the past?normally i will pay you more than three thousand, now only pay a fraction?i made a big cheap."

in ma laohan scratching head, village officer carry barrels, gladly go out.

before ma laohan ponder, yuwang winds and wind to come in.

"good, good wine!old man, i'd like to buy some rice wine."party secretary said the hand on the hip.haven't ma laohan openings, such as rural pull he sat down and began to speak of their suffering.

the original village has been a strain of lumbar muscles, suffering, he is miserable.the hospital for several years, also not much better.rice wine, that paragraph of time drank ma laohan condition was improved.

"the old man, save it, can't just stand by."yuwang a face of supplication.

"yourself out."ma laohan also think impassability own wine would light than medicine.

"pa"1, the village has set aside five hundred yuan.

"?"ma laohan dumbfounded.

"i am a doctor is one thousand dollars, when to buy medicine.key or curative effect, good for illness, i would also like to."the village seemed to please the panacea, left the horse home spirit.

"-"a car horn, the ma laohan woke up from a chaos.seeing a slip away people holding barrel moving toward their size, ma laohan not only weak heart.

"the old man's house, i am corresponding supermarket manager, i heard that you there is good wine, you must spare me some."cattle manager says, smoke.

"can i have this wine, now is not enough, you eat the ability for the supermarket?"ma laohan is in distress situation.

"i don't now, i will yierbaijin, do promotion in first.you want to do some more next year sell me oh.look, this is a deposit.cattle manager took out a knife money in ma laohan hand.ma laohan feeling to hand a heavy, don't know what to do.see the cow manager a gang carry filled with rice wine walked away, ma laohan uneasy to begin to count the money.

after the new year, ma laohan feel they should be made more rice wine, appeared again in case of last year, to get his own last part.

so he took out all his savings, in the front structures, the primary, the custom make several big mouth it, bought tons of glutinous rice, finally also employ two neighbors, started the industrialization production of rice wine.

a month later, the rice wine out of the cylinder.although ma laohan in several of the village roads, all the advertising banners, but oddly, throughout the day, no one to buy drinks.

so ma laohan dialed village officer's cell phone.

"old ah, leadership still likes to drink strong wine, suspicion you rice wine is pale, boring.ha ha, several boxes on alcohol and tobacco companies took just now."village officer then hung up the phone.

ma laohan again dial rural telephone quickly.

"the doctor advised or drinking less alcohol, to exercise more.i can not listen to doctor?but still thank you for your kindness."yuwang rightfully said.

ma laohan intelligible, under this more than a ton of wine, you want to drink to date?so to cattle on the manager's telephone.

the manager is a words:"do you still in the shop last year's wine?"

hiatus ma laohan how also think impassability, just a few months, the market is zha becomes so fast?so ma laohan and the eldest son of the situation which has said.areva after silence for a moment, tell dad, may be related to themselves.

some time ago, that areva organization for maqiao town mayor.may have village cadres are well-informed so rushing to woo relationship.but making agricultural science research institute to find areva to do ideological work, the leadership of the finally gave up the new areva.

ma laohan finally understand what's the matter, the in the mind of the bumps are solved.so much wine to sell to who?this disturbing ma laohan for more than a month.

in ma laohan pull a long face when village officer again.without further ado, this time he called to the loading of wine.see the bottom of a vat filled with wine, village officer just spoke:"yes, i've got lots of disadvantages, but there is an advantage, is say will change.when i come back over time, sell wine, you don't worry."say that finish after leaving a pile of money, carried wine left."but, leaders are not suspicion i light rice wine?"ma laohan pulls village officer asked questions."a good thing, which can be frightened by this trouble, i arrange one distillation, degree will go up."village officer explained.

ma laohan also normal, knowing whose turn it is the communist party came to power.

"quack quack mistake people person by mistake."see ma laohan, yuwang 1 vigorously regret."i broke a few days after your rice wine to take medicine massage, the illness is day by day is aggravating, the pain, were dead.it doesn't, drank the last few days, significant relief.ah, what things are afraid of comparison, the comparison, out of the truth--flashes or old man's sake."yuwang took ma laohan's hand, 1 vigorously shaking.

"you still serves themselves."ma laohan said simply:"four a kilo, one more point don't of."

rural haven't off, cattle manager came.but, this time also follow behind a leader is like.

"this is a vice mayor of greases."a face of bright cattle manager.

"the old man's house, you is to add glory for our town, so good wine was put in the deep, really too bad.town has decided that will develop your home-made rice wine, the industrialization of planning work has already started, the late budget funds are on the town."hou mayor thrilled, passionate,"in the next five years, we will make rice wine industry vigorously, declare national non-material heritage within the next decade."

cattle manager can see ma laohan straight double eye, favour say:"the rest of the few cylinder wine, i got off the whole package.who want to take with us, our manager-"cattle pause, turned to look at the mayor of greases."-and who nasty ah-ha ha"hou mayor patting yuwang shoulder laughed.

"we must resolutely support the leadership of the instructions!yuwang bandwagon right now.

in the evening, call the second son ajiang ma laohan:"two eva, a promotion, didn't you?zha to dad secret?"

ajiang ha ha a smile:"you pour well-informed, to adjust to the city.at the end of"

ma laohan a wry smile, hung up the phone.

from that day on, the villagers never saw ma laohan drank wine.

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