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the so-called"consumption upgrade", is not to live in the obsession of self.

restaurant boss made ying flourished at

in chongqing is a bar street, nine street in this street, there is a steamed stuffed bun shop called"village has a star".in chongqing, many people, the costs can be comparable to the taoyuan village"as soon as possible.

the store is contracted wind.the place that take the door, it is a 80-square-meter around the open kitchen, the kitchen countertops, filled with bottles of nongfu spring.the sit-down space of 160 square meters, appear very"wide".

on travel, many consumers are attracted to the store environment, many"weeds"consumers even put here as a"photography base".

some online comments, the shop has a"siebel, din tai fung, taoyuan village, starbucks"as soon as possible.

consumers are attracted to the environment, and, in fact, the restaurant has a very big hidden trouble of business.


with the"play"point of view, to play at a draught in 4 million yuan

"village have starlight"head xiong cunhong said:at that time, because by default, took over the store.because like the steamed stuffed bun, like snacks, just like a steamed stuffed bun shop.

to enter the market at the time, is hold try attitude, while playing, walked, looking for food, try the product.half a year time, try to eat light, spent millions of dollars, plus 7 months rent 400000 yuan, back and forth, could have done 2 million things, finally has invested 4 million yuan.


runs a storefront and learn to cost accounting, in the run-up to avoid unnecessary spending.preparation of the"village has a star", the start with very strong personal color, so in rhythm, execution, all has not the same with general branding operation.not strict process control, money, material and manpower, will increase the cost of opening, increase the operating pressure.


operation design racquet head, regardless of the product positioning

village has a star this store choose at bar street, nine street xiong cunhong was thinking think of operating time stretched, so try water 24 hours a day from the start.

however, in the business after 2 months, found that store 10 o 'clock at night to the next morning, did not match the consumer products, human and various other costs have been wasted.

simple of starlight, low guest changuo delta village menu

later, xiong cunhong were cancelled this time, time will be changed to 9 pm to 11 pm.but even so, also the prince made in found that after nine o 'clock, few guests dining in stores, and most of the guest in the evening the unit price below 50 yuan.

long operating time and operating income is not actually.


a restaurant product should match the surrounding consumption environment.observe the locations of the"village a star,"and the product can be found that a young man on the ninth street and in the bar, the steamed stuffed bun and sichuan cuisine has certainly not become a party, drink of choice, instead of barbecue, string, etc., have very strong dinner properties of products can attract consumers' attention.


fast food of the contradiction between product design and the dining environment of coffee

"village have star"this store is the area of more than 250 stores, including open kitchen accounts for 80 square meters, the rest of the 160-square-metre indoor area, combined with about 50 square meters of area, outdoor design only about 80 seats.the table interval, even greater than many cafe.

internal notice, evening dinner guests here, is basically is given priority to with soya-bean milk, porridge, liangpi food food, snack food product design, but with low density cafe environment, causing a lot of people a meal, as a chat here.

under this kind of product, the matching of environment, eat a meal and a half hours or even a hour, also is the norm of restaurant.


xiong cunhong said the pursuit of brand of inferior quality and high price in the market now is very much, but the consumer demand is high quality low price or high quality evaluation.this understanding without errors.but as a restaurant operation, if the pursuit of high quality cheap or parity, so have traffic to complete the accumulation of profits.this, from the"taoyuan village"as soon as possible to upgrade, the environment and can be seen on the passenger flow.if only in pursuit of an ideal state, and designed a"high-quality low-cost", in the words of industry boss, really is to"contribute to the society".


high quality investment and consumption is out of step with

in communication with the xiong cunhong, inside you, actually the restaurant's steamed stuffed bun, twisted dough-strips products such as production, using the nongfu spring.that is to say, the door that a row of nongfu spring, is not only for cosmetic.

delta ming file before the kitchen filled with nongfu spring

however, guests to restaurant, but few people know service personnel also does not have the initiative.

asked reason, xiong cunhong said, about this, did not.xiong cunhong said, however, is want to speak with the product, there is no thinking too much on the consumer's right to know.


the so-called"bouquet afraid of deep alley"era of the early.for the ingredients, product upgrading, in addition to the dining room, also want to let the consumer see, let consumers have a right to know of product, they are more willing to pay for the high quality products.otherwise, in you opinion, with the general product and there is no substantial difference, only changing the environment.

【 conclusion 】

the so-called"consumption upgrading", is not to live in the obsession of self

since last august,"the village has a star"has been running more than four months.there are 24 service personnel, 3000~ 4000 yuan per person of medium high base salaries, with nearly$60000 a month rent, operating costs.

a lot of times, the restaurant always like to use"consumption upgrade"to explain their own a restaurant, in addition to environmental upgrades, balance the operating investment, spending, balance the effect, ping, is the fundamental can continue to go on.

when the environment in singing"consumption upgrade", don't blindly on the environment, product"the knife".after all, real consumption upgrade, it is in store survival based case, the implementation of product, service, experience feelings.

and this among them, the concept of a penny a points goods, is becoming the basis of rational consumption."high quality high price"has its inevitable market demand,"high-quality low-cost"is the desire of the consumer, but not the target of the restaurant operations.

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