most expensive scallion pancakes zhang have to line up an appointment: a need

2016, shanghai has become a scallion pancakes shop web celebrity food(seems never short of food web celebrity), because of the so-called scallion pancakes for a sensational, cause a lot of people lined up to early adopters.

the store is green chinese onion oil cake, but in fact his family the real price is$5 a piece, so-called scallion pancakes for because it is said that there are cattle hype.and scallion pancakes for real, can want to 160 yuan, for three times more expensive than 50 yuan for onion cakes.

the store is a taiwan peiping, restaurant is a long-established beijing son, was once specialises in royal cuisine, and now beijing has a different, dumpling is a signature dish in beijing.

this store has a lot of food has a strong old beijing flavor, such as the wallet fire, stuffing is very compact, one is 11 yuan, beijing is not even the wallet slope of this place?

or shredded chicken big paper, is also thick flavor in the north, even do more authentic than many of the northeast restaurant.

sour pickled cabbage white pan, don't assume that the northeast northeast sauerkraut only to eat, actually a lot of places can eat sauerkraut, even you can find in the supermarket in thailand the marinated pickled cabbage.

although there are a lot of the specialty of the store, but we are focused on onion cakes, is on the menu that last, torre scallion pancakes, i need to book and a rmb 160 yuan(us$, but pay attention to the front also wrote a 12 inch.

yes, the scallion pancakes were described as the big mac onion cakes, a 12 inch.

and normal only a thin slice of a scallion pancakes.

if you don't like to eat onions, that the big mac scallion pancakes can count your nightmare, because make a lush scallion pancakes need 2.5 kg.

the store scallion pancakes are made of traditional craft, must use charcoal fire slow roasted, light the cake baked will take 4-5 hours.

when production is to use first lard daub bread, then pour all scallions on the cake.

probably about 3 cm in thickness, is pancake, but distinct, internal keep the characteristics of the scallion pancakes.only three a day, want to line up, to make an appointment in advance can, even brigitte lin, zhang yimou has attracts thousands to taste a piece of 160 yuan, while expensive, but everyone can have a taste, do you think?

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