these highly toxic delicious see the later you still dare to continue to eat?


ginkgo biloba

ginkgo, ginkgo biloba is the seeds, sweet taste, rich nutrition, can be used as a valuable medicinal food, can also be made into many rare pastries.

the chicken and meat stew with ginkgo, special mellow taste when eating, just in time to eliminate common sense of greasy meat, make person appetite.however, gingko poisonous!you must be aware of when eating!

in fresh ginkgo skins, containing organic acid, a chemical part after contact, will cause irritating allergic reaction;gingko core also contains a substance called hydrocyanic acid, heating when eaten raw, edible opaque or a large fry eat ginkgo, poisoning can occur.


goose liver

foie gras is one of the most amazing french cuisine.foie gras and delicate, melt in your mouth, and is rich in oil grape"glutamate", so the heat there is a particularly attractive fragrance.

but most people don't know, very delicious french goose liver, in fact just 6~ 10 times than the normal goose liver enlargement of fatty liver disease, abnormal liver tissue.

this is because the goose liver based special, owners of feeding goose, forcing the liver becomes swollen and bigger.this grows the liver, in fact is a kind of abnormal, even lesions of the liver.

because of some toxins and vitamin a content is higher in the liver, if eat too much at a time, can cause acute poisoning vitamin a.

so, goose liver, though delicious, for health, we still need to shut up!



since ancient times, china has the"desperate to eat fugu".sung people sun yi written of the son in weaving, su shi wrote an eating globefish anecdotes.

please su dongpo sample fugu is said to be a literary intelligentsia, but see him with his big, did not hear the voice of praise, very dongpo suddenly xiazhu again at this moment, the mouth, said:"according to its taste, really have to die".mean is so delicious, poison is also worth it.

fugu visceral contains toxic, once without removing the liver and the reproductive system of swallowed, enough to kill a few hours.only through professional learning can learn how to correctly handle the puffer.nowadays, eating globefish most places in the world is not china, but japan.

it is said that the japanese have so dozens of people every year because eating globefish cause acute respiratory failure in the fugu meat less toxicity, sounded a little tingling, but with its meat tender and smooth, instead even more delicious.

have to remind you that if you want to eat fugu must find normal restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!


day lily

day lily and lily flower, day lilies, nepenthes, its petals hypertrophy, golden color, fragrance, food scent, smooth, tender, and edible fungus, since the ancient times is a kind of famous food.

but fresh day lily is contained in a substance of colchicine, it itself is nontoxic, after gastrointestinal absorption, but will oxidation in the body for the binary colchicine, has great toxicity.

so the consumption of fresh day lily should soak processing, high temperature cooking, cooked;many times when dry provisions also apply water or warm water after soaking to eat again.



porcini is very famous edible fungi, bacteria, the fungus meat hypertrophy, smooth taste, delicious and tasty.

but probably didn't know a lot of people, many varieties of porcini is has certain toxic!yunnan people eat porcini as jiangsu far be it from the feeling of eating globefish.

not eat bacteria to the poisoning of people every year, after the poisoning can produce an illusion, can see many bizarre but feet high, image, character and lively, so the performance of the local will eat bacteria people referred to as"make mean person".

although every year there are a lot of people died as a result of eating bacteria poisoning, but that doesn't stop people love of porcini, one to eat bacteria season, so a lot of home!public,

blue pig lane

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