too grandma a lifetime love to eat this filling the age of big steamed stuffed bun i ate once fell in love with


thought carrot meat bag before it is the most delicious, later found the onion meat is more delicious!absolutely is the most delicious of parcel to hit!used

flour 500 g yeast 5 g
meat 250 g
onion(size medium) 2
warm 250 g
green chinese onion 1
ginger a
soy sauce amount
salt amount
chicken amount

1.said good flour, add 5 g yeast, add 250 g water(general and the rate of water and flour is 1:2 best, i've tried several kinds of flour is almost the proportion, and few) mix with chopsticks, wash hand by hand rub it evenly.

2.knead the dough into a smooth, to do 3 light, namely hand basin plain light, even kneaded, cover 1.5 2 hours, wake up in a warm place to send to the dough into 3 times as big as a pull a honeycomb.

3.then take out the dough with flour to smooth, again into the basin that wash a face cover the lid, send 1 hour or so, this time to wake up 2 times as big as you can.(flour can put some more, don't let the dough is too wet, otherwise the steamed steamed stuffed bun shape will collapse)

4.onion ginger to chop.

5.into the ground pork belly, mix well.

6.join the right amount of soy sauce, salt, chicken essence mix(personally think add some sauce dumplings steamed out more add flavor)

7.wash the onion slices, into the meat, stir well, be sure to control the salinity, not too light, of course also cannot too salty.

8.mix the meat stuffing, cover with plastic wrap and set aside.

9.wake up to send out the dough, add flour again rubbed smooth(flour can put some more, don't let the dough is too wet, otherwise the steamed steamed stuffed bun shape will collapse)

knead dough evenly cut into small pieces, i do this is about 50 g a dough.

good cutting plastic wrap on the back cover, along with package with take place too long(to prevent dough dries) a small roll the dough into middle thick around thin patch, package into the stuffing.

11.clockwise to knead into a plait son seal can be(i'm a bit ugly ah, the package needs to be improved, dear friends can check on the internet good-looking dumplings package method)

12.wrap the steamed stuffed bun cover son woke up after about 20 minutes.

to burn a pot of hot water, then put the steamed stuffed bun on the wet cloth into the steaming pot fires 25 minutes(also can brush a layer of oil on the steaming perforated strainer again, prevent adhesion)

the good don't open the lid, immediately to wait ten minutes open cool out.


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