thousands of bottle of maotai liquor were intercepted hoarding scalpers siege maotai electric business platform

on january 10th, guizhou maotai( shares soared to$788.88, total market capitalization of more than 990 billion yuan, hit a record high, only one step away from the threshold of 1 trillion.

create a record in guizhou maotai shares behind, infinite scenery, haunt still unanswered:some dealers and other fried still hoarding maotai drinkers, were not shipped, intended to penetrate the maotai, in order to get better returns.

"wants to think for others, don't only consider personal, seeking profits."maotai group, secretary of the party committee, general manager, says li baofang, general manager of moutai co generation.he called for maotai dealers keep rationality and take a long-term view, starting from the overall situation, strictly implement the new price regulation, safeguard market order.don't hype, bounty, terminate the current good situation.

however, reorganization of the market is not a day, dealers to consider is to maximize the interests of matter how changes in policy, profit speculators have your ways to walk on the edge of the red line, grab the gray.

200000 bottles of maotai liquor were intercepted

online wine distributor in east china chen lin(a pseudonym) told reporters to share a group chat records, which shared the 2017 double 12 day flying maotai sales data on the various electric business platform, show shipment more than 200000 bottles a day.

"equal to the spot cash 260 million yuan, but the maotai is mostly back to the dealer or hoarding in the hands of fried drinkers."chen ling told the reporters, data from the face of it, the two tmall flagship store at least shipped 150000 bottles, maotai proprietary app, jingdong proprietary and su ningyi purchase plate is not less than 50000 bottles.

guizhou maotai choose electric business platform to launch the product, because the previous round of another round of punishment"illegal dealers", hope to quell market prices, but the effect is not very desirable, in the market to buy maotai it devilishly hard to almost at par.

"in xi 'an market, through relationship can only be limited to the price of 1500 yuan to two cases of spot(before the price)."xi 'an told reporters, the first finance and economics, director of the enterprise"the prices are still floating, is changing every day."

since early 2016, the relationship between the maotai distillery and dealers has like a"cat and mouse game".soaring price of maotai has given rise to huge profit space, and the more and more rising prices also makes rised, wu etc.phenomenon emerge in endlessly, both causal, layers of fermentation, fragile and sensitive market.

at the end of march last year, maotai prices started more than 1299 yuan on the market pricing of line and appear break goods.the maotai company also nearly hundred dealers for the mid-april, moutai group work conference held a temporary market to control the situation of the price of baofang at the meeting said:"a handful of dealers, in part, thought the profit harvest time, open the market regulation, profits reached several hundred still not satisfy, crazy like a drug."

after successive dealers have been moutai distillery.on august 21, guizhou maotai first direct punishment in the form of termination of the dealer.the tensions, but market supply and demand has not been practical ease.

on december 28, 2017, li baofang on national dealers association, said maotai in short supply situation will not diminish, supply and demand will be more nervous, more become apparent."and even a longer period of time in 2018, maotai market still has great space, also offers to do."

cicc securities research report shows, market of shanghai, jiangsu and anhui, maotai shortage is serious, high-end tobacco retail terminal is generally only scattered maotai sales, retail price 1600 yuan/ the past three months, maotai company loosened the dealer's price management, relaxation of distributors shipment price controls.

moutai group chairman yuan renguo on national dealers association also called for dealers don't push maotai market prices, make consumers to drink.maotai, he thought, the market price fluctuation is small, or small, keep in a reasonable range, is beneficial to consumers, and conducive to economic development.he stressed that based on maotai is used for"drink"and"storage", is to treat the price reason, maotai is not used to fry.

however, the first financial reporter recently visited maotai maotai proprietary maotai international hotel, maotai wine culture city were told that has been out of stock, maotai in guizhou zunyi xinzhou airport store, field sales personnel for the first financial journalist, said:"has sold more than more than half a month, also don't know when i will come in."

in the face of"not obedient"dealers, guizhou moutai by electricity regain control of channels.

moutai group on traditional dealer channels bold reforms began in august last year.maotai company definitely require all dealers must take 53 degrees flying maotai remaining 30% on maotai mall sales of the online channel sales account for at least a third, and says the move is to improve the dealer sales price transparency, speed up online.

in maotai mandatory online policy after the launch in mid-september, maotai company has achieve more than 1800 dealers online.

even if dealers to reluctantly to the weights of maotai moved to online sales, sales channel no problem, but the entity is also-electric business platform for sale online maotai is still in the hands of speculators, the average consumer is difficult to get the.

bypass maotai the cattle software

as a drink dealer's son could not standing up to the great profits, and flying maotai liquor dealers around friends urged, joined the army of maotai.

he first stay up until midnight at website for maotai, but to little effect, cell phone and computer all night, but still is a minute seconds kill all sold out.

he is not content to, double after 12 in 2017, from the website that after 11 a.m.will fill inventory, he again in front of the computer, it is still the same result.

official had to give up to 1299 yuan to buy the idea of maotai, masayoshi son cattle purchased from 20 cases of flying maotai, buy the unit price of 1450 yuan, for the price of 1550 yuan to another friend, is still a net gain of 12000 yuan.

"cattle is usually and familiar dealers will communication in advance, so not a lot of goods to the unfamiliar 'customers'.the scalpers have their own"working group", between each other communication skills will also share the market."son said to reporters.

"who not to have the white wolf game tempted?maotai players already beyond the dealer level."years of wine packaging material supplier ding chuming(a pseudonym) also underwent heart to such business.he said to the first financial journalist, for this is wine dealer's players, with 1300 yuan to 1350 yuan in online maotai, with another 1600 yuan, up and down even higher prices for shipment, profitable.maotai prices after the new deal in the past two days, maotai prices have been of january 4, the friendship price is 1699 yuan, and the two shipments.

ding chuming also pointed to the reporter, the hands have the funds of maotai dealers, for business or just and other drinks wine related is not related to the people who know their wine, so long as has the channels are more or less from cattle or dealers to buy hoarding, wait for harvest profits.and moutai distillery is usually only controls the production of maotai liquor, even if no shipment of this year, a lot of people but also for next year's market has great potential/holds great promise.for cattle, who gave the commission who work to do.

cattle can buy online maotai, by buying software.

chen told reporters, the first finance and economics website, tmall, su ningyun basic software are all the world, consumers get the maotai is really like the winning probability.

chen lin showed reporters on his mobile phone a professional maotai snapping up group, group of announcement shows the online number is 1461.on that day(before the price) of ordinary 53 degrees flying maotai settlement price is 1350 yuan, five bottles of settlement price 6830 yuan, six bottles of settlement price 8500 yuan.chicken maotai settlement price 2200 yuan, 2 jins of moutai price 2700 yuan.chicken maotai commission guaranteed 600 yuan.

speculators for maotai for software, a fried maotai maotai speculators open solicitation software:"do a maotai mall order to snap up program, order maotai flying, chicken mao maotai commemorative wine(chicken).require more account snapped up at the same time, and success rate to 40%~ 50%, and at least 10 to 4~ 5 single account can snatch."

buying software how to breakthrough maotai an account two bottles for purchasing, logistics address cannot repeat such limit to realize centralized trading of goods?

ding chuming for the first financial journalist, said that it is easy to realize, on the online platform at present is only limited on logistics address and account number, not directly to control the id.maotai logistics mainly gravels and area of cattle need only in one area and the communication between the courier, it can be different address of the goods together.the winery is difficult to put the cattle ones, it is because the cattle gains high and have the white wolf's business, various cities in china have different distributions scalpers.look from the order nature in cities are more balanced.

in chen lin first prompted reporters found a custom software company on the taobao site.reporter pretend to consulting, have been told for software can basically covers all electric business platform, including maotai cloud business app, tmall, jingdong, suning, etc.the store customer service said can also provide tutorial services.

meanwhile, in the customer service, consulting process from bilaterally chatting to micro letter private chat."though you look in taobao shop sales data is 0, but who understands all know, taobao website store only provides for software platform."ding chu says.

"i this is custom version of the maotai dedicated for software, the customer can rob much maotai, how many computers to cheer up, the computer, the more the number, the more to more."the software customization service for the first financial journalist said.

maotai to snap up software priced at 3131 yuan, the equivalent of a pijia two bottles of flying maotai for 1500 yuan.the customer further told reporters that the custom version of this price is not expensive, the original order received 5000 yuan, order is generally 8000 yuan up elsewhere.

so, also for maotai scalpers high profits, and let the scalpers pour purchase custom software.however, the customer service also explains:"one does not restrict with computer software, can be used multiple times, before a customized customer to more than 60 bottles, 10 computer, on average, a 5~ 6 bottles.if rent the vps server(virtual private server) or even a computer remote operation can be achieved, and the vps server lease price only need 10~ 20 yuan/day."

in addition to high custom version of the maotai cattle software, the reporter also found on taobao price parity between$200 and$200, and claims that"multiple accounts at the same time rob, rob, timing, second order batch automatic reservation, different ip server, high snapping up rate".

guizhou maotai officials said in an interview with the financial journalist, dealer buying phenomenon do exist, maotai cloud the scalpers system can only stop part of the business platform.

however, pressed by reporters over the taobao customer service encounter maotai the scalpers system to do, not hesitate told reporters that look not to come out, the scalpers system problems have been solved.

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