the health | you really will wash the dishes?the five correct way to wash the dishes must be collect

small make up as a novice just can cook kitchen, when faced with from the vegetable market to buy a bunch of food, will start to stunned:cucumber and so on with the skin of vegetables is to say, hard to wash green leafy vegetables such as celery, spinach, what to do, use bubble?

expert clew, soaked in water for too long, easy to make the water-soluble nutrients in vegetables, such as vitamin b, vitamin c, etc.and although long-term immersion precipitation can make pesticide, but if we don't change water, precipitation of pesticides with water to dip vegetables, the cleaning effect.

the correct cleaning method

skin vegetables:such as cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, need to peel off and then cooking vegetables, can use a brush or sponge cleaning away the soil dust outside, and then cut off the skin.

leaf vegetables, such as chinese cabbage, cabbage"white cabbage"to remove the the outermost layer of the leaves, and then put inside the leaves chosen, rinse with water.and leaves scatter of leafy vegetables such as spinach, cole, need to cut the roots first, and then into the water, let a good contact with lettuce leaves with water, washed off most of the dust, but do not need to put in the water too long, for more than ten seconds at a time.then the roots up, rinse.

use boiling hot:vegetables such as beans, celery, cauliflower, also can use boiled water a little, already can purify vegetable residues, and will not affect the taste.

with the water that clean out rice:pesticide toxicity of acid will lose, and belongs to the rice washing water is after looking for m, reoccupy rice water to wash the dishes, not only can remove pesticide, can save water.

after the first wash cut:cut the food even do not wash it again?advice before chopping vegetables washed, because after incision, surface was damaged, result in nutrients more easily with water erosion, and bacteria, such as dust to enter more it's best to blow wash dishes, and then start chopping vegetables.

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