westerners called southeast asia uber fruit i have eaten a!have you eaten some?

southeast asia not only has the thick jungle, beautiful tropical seaside, numerous scenic spots and historical sites, this piece of land, some fruits are"uber", everyone's mouth unforgettable gourmet!

no.1 bergamot

bergamot smells have seed the blend of lemon and citrus fragrance, can be used to bubble water to drink, to cook soup, pickled in salt when dried tangerine or orange peel to dry.because how the meaning of"longevity"bergamot, a lot of chinese in southeast asia during the lunar new year will buy some bergamot do sacrifice offerings.

no.2 lou pocket fruit tree

actually also can eat dew dripping tree fruit, break the pineapple"fake", not only smell the fragrance of flowers, taste is very sweet, because of the slag is more, so i like to eat sugar cane, chewing a chew spit out.

no.3 harvest fruit

this kind of"fake"grapes on the tree is also known as the"tree"grape, grape slightly larger than normal, each a black shiny, juicy flesh, taste a bit like shanzhu, and with the fragrance of the sugar.pulp is said to be in more than 15 kinds of nutritional ingredients, how would you like to a bowl.

no.4 black persimmon

persimmon, black looks green, dark inside.black persimmon pulp not only black like chocolate, even like chocolate flavor, taste and uncertain, the mouth, the feeling of eating chocolate pudding.but without the high quantity of heat of chocolate, sweet greasy delicious, also rich in vitamins and protein, the fruit do you love?

no.5 lai grape

appearance long as mature balsam pear, but bright red fruit flesh tastes sweet scents, satiny greasy.

no.6 cactus fruit

the cactus fruit though full of thorns, but the special delicious juicy, can also be blended into fruit juice drink, cactus fruit have many small seeds, it is said that can raise colour for digestion.and cactus varieties, different fruits have difference color, taste, crisp green, purple juicy and sweet.

no.7 wood apple

wood apple head just like grapefruit, smells a full-bodied fragrance, appearance hard doesn't like fruit, but the shell open, the inside is dark brown pulp, sour sweet, delicious and good.not only can use spoon scoop to eat apples, can also into juice to drink.this brown mce drink, almost every day in sri lanka's breakfast table.

it is interesting to note that in the different regions of southeast asia, also circulated about wood apple different efficacy of various legends, such as good for liver, heart, can treat diarrhea and so on, for example, in a word, this is a particularly good fruit!

no.8 breadfruit

the inhabitants of southeast asia, some islands in the south pacific, the ripe breadfruit picked from the tree, directly on the fire roasted, baked to yellow, simply being face to face, even taste the same.

breadfruit and jackfruit look like close relatives, how to eat is also varied, in addition to"toast", cook bread soup, the seeds inside also can eat, chew up like peanuts.

no.9 monstera

mature monstera smell like pineapple or mango fruit, eat bananas and walnuts, soft fragrance.however, monstera contains a large amount of calcium oxalate, so physique is sensitive friend try take care!

no.10 mysterious fruit

this fruit looks ordinary, taste is sweet fruit, but it contains a lot of mysterious shenshuaiguo, can completely disrupt the tongue taste buds.eat the fruit after one hour, then eat anything sour, will feel very sweet!

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