the refrigerator has a lot of hidden power if not buy the refrigerator is white

your refrigerator in addition to used to store food, what is the use?

you might feel very surprised, don't refrigerator is the meant to be used for keeping food fresh?what is the function?

you really wrong, because our home refrigerator in addition to fresh, there are many powerful hidden!what are you waiting for, fast learning these new skills to show off!

to be honest, these hidden really powerful, fridge, if you don't use your bought a refrigerator is white.

a, food article

▼ be affected with damp be affected with damp cookies in the fridge frozen one day, after take out becomes crispy same as before.

▼ cooked eggs refrigerate 1 hour after the cool, can cut into smooth level off the egg yolk!

▼ in the refrigerator for 1 hour after the onions and peppers, you won't be cut in the hot eyes~

▼ a lot of people don't like the bitter taste of bitter melon, can eat balsam pear in the refrigerator frozen again after, will get light bitter taste.

▼ leftovers in the fridge frozen for 2 hours, then take out, satisfying, very chewy!

▼ boiled red bean or mung bean porridge, we will find good hard boiled red bean beans.what method?actually very simple, red bean, green beans and other legumes, after cleaning with water in the fridge frozen for 1 hour, then after heating, it is easy to boil.

▼ tea, cigarettes, drugs to store ice box, can prolong the shelf life.

2, clothing article

▼ hair silk clothes wrinkled, hard to iron, to spray water on the clothes, and then put into the bag in the refrigerator frozen more than ten minutes minutes, take out, it is easy to iron flat.

▼ white clothes to wear for a long time easy to yellow, use wash clothes is difficult to clean, can put the net after washing clothes in the refrigerator for an hour, after dry, you will find that yellow place disappeared!

▼ some sweater garment is easy to drop hair, before you can wear, with plastic bags, put in the refrigerator frozen for a few days, hair problems can be solved.

three, sundry article

▼ birthday candles, candles, dissolve, drop down pollution cake, can put the birthday candles in the fridge frozen day, lit again, won't appear the candle wax dripping.

▼ book if there is no save, it is easy to book worms, and insecticidal very trouble, how to do?can take the bag in plastic bags, into the refrigerator cold day, moths are all froze to death.

after ▼ soap in water will become very soft, sticky, in the fridge frozen dozens of minutes, can restore the hardness.

▼ stamps after be affected with damp be affected with damp, will stick together with each other, it is difficult to separate, the stamps can be put together in the fridge frozen for a few hours, can easily separate the stamps stick together, and do not destroy the appearance.

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