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radish is not simply a turnip?

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small make up just to tell you about the natural diet

1.natural kidney-yam

yam is known as"white ginseng", its powerful health benefits are many herbs are irreplaceable, it will be called to taste of traditional chinese medicine medicine, tonifying spleen nourishing the stomach, lung fluid interest, can also be kidney astringent extract.mountain medicinal gan, ping.the best way is steamed, nutrient loss minimum, can also be made into soup or cooking.

2.natural sleeping pills-banana

bananas are high in potassium and magnesium, potassium can prevent blood pressure to rise, and muscle cramps, magnesium has effect of eliminating fatigue, muscle relaxation, to disperse the pessimistic mood, be agitated, keep happy mood, and it also has a certain effect reducing weight.a banana is multi-purpose, it is version of the gospel.

3.natural skin medicine-chamomile

chamomile is not just a legendary"flower", specious.it is the skin's natural physician, mild and cool and refreshing, able to fight allergies, eczema, skin problems such as red fighters.this is"clearly can rely on face, it happened depends on talents".

4.natural medicine-lemon

in the lemon contain rich vitamin c, with a fresh lemon slice thinly, put some salt, into hot water to drink.in traditional chinese medicine, the salty hot lemon tea is a natural medicine, cold when taking high doses of vitamin c can improve symptoms.

5.natural stomach medicine, cabbage

is also called the cabbage, cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, is"the natural stomach medicine"in the kitchen.it contains substances, which protect the gastric mucosa, tie-in edible, not easy to cause the stomach discomfort.for the pain suffered from stomach ulcer with one for a long time, it is a choice.

6.natural painkillers-ginger

china has existed since ancient times"the ginger best medicine", is the main medicinal ingredients of traditional chinese medicine in our country, is also one of the important spices in the kitchen.it is a kind of"natural painkillers", have analgesic effect, prevent pain signals to the central nervous system, reduce the pain.

7.natural anti-hypertensive drug-celery

there are water celery, celery, celery, celery three, in addition to good chewing food, medicinal efficacy of hypertension.it contains a basic composition, has a calming effect, to treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, curative effect is good;for primary, pregnancy and menopause hypertension are effective.celery contains many nutrients in the leaves, stem don't eat only lose their leaves.

8.natural lipid-lowering, hawthorn

hawthorn fruit is unique to china medicine combination tree species, is very good food fall hematic fat, can into the dish, can be eaten raw, can also be made from hawthorn.in hawthorn flavonoids can reduce serum cholesterol, so hawthorn is smoked in the patients with hyperlipidemia edible, anti-cancer effect is stronger.

9.natural cold medicine-cinnamon

cinnamon, widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, yuan yang, warming spleen and stomach, in addition to the cold, blood.to always chills to the cold, hands and feet cold, stomach pain, cold limbs dysmenorrhea amenorrhea person is very good food.but cinnamon for essien hot medicine and materia medica has small poison, dosage shoulds not be too big.

10.natural anti-inflammatory drugs--honey

high quality honey placed at room temperature for several years will not corrupt, show that the corrosion protection is extremely strong.experiments confirmed that honey of streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, diphtheria gram-positive bacteria have a strong inhibitory effect.the wound with honey can alleviate pain, promote wound healing, prevent infection.

11.natural vitamins-prune

prune is originated in the south of france, contains rich vitamin and cellulose, is an excellent source of vitamin a.experts pointed out:eat three grain of medium-sized prunes, equivalent of eating a fresh fruit fiber content.

12.natural heat medicine-strawberry

high nutritional value of strawberry, tcm believes that strawberry flavour gan, cool, into the spleen, stomach, lung, oneself have embellish lung, spleen and stomach, the diuresis detumescence, antipyretic prompting fashionistas, apply to the lung hot cough, loss of appetite, urine is short and heat polydipsia, etc.to read the patient eat before cleaning, use saline soak 5-10 minutes, final reoccupy cold water soak 1 to 2 minutes.

13.natural anti-aging, the grape

"eat grapes don't spit grape skins", is the most healthy eat grapes not peeling.resveratrol in grape skin can help human body to reduce blood fat, strengthen immunity.tannic acid to allergy, anti-aging health care efficacy, 85% is absorbed into the human body and use.

14.natural antidote of heavy metals, pitaya

pitaya, set in the bud, fruit, vegetable, in a medical benefits, and it contains general rare plants of albumin and anthocyanin, rich vitamin and the water-soluble dietary fiber.albumin as of the nature of viscosity, colloidal substance, to detoxify heavy metal poisoning effect.

15.natural anticancer drugs-garlic

of germanium and selenium element, such as garlic can inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells.experiment found that cancer incidence of the lowest population, is the highest selenium content in the blood.according to the united states national cancer group, the world's most potential anticancer plants, at the top of the list is garlic.

16.natural hair color-black

black beans ufa raise hair effect has recorded in many ancient texts, such as"compendium of materia medica shortage make-up, points out that eating black soya beans"smooth muscle can benefit of pure pulp, strong force, after the white black, long turn old for less, throughout his body without illness."black bean contains rich vitamin e, anthocyanins, the composition such as isoflavones.rich in vitamin b group and vitamin e, are needed to raise colour beauty.

17.natural beauty baiyao-bai luobo

the old saying says"winter turnip eat summer eat ginger", tcm believes that bai luobo can"five zang-organs, white muscle"., is that the green radish has this function because its contain rich vitamin c, can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent the formation of black spots, keep the skin white tender.

18.natural digestion, pineapple

bromelain can effectively break down proteins in food, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis.the enzyme can decompose protein in the stomach, supplement the shortage of the digestive enzymes in the human body, indigestion of the patient returned to normal digestive function.especially after carnivora and greasy food, eat some pineapple is more appropriate, can prevent adipose deposit.19.

natural moisturizing-tremella

tremella have the laudatory title of"the crown of bacteria", taste sweet, pale, sexual flat, rich natural plant gum, plus it has the effect of ziyin, can be long-term use of good skin food.age of qing dynasty palace maid, the theory of"royal fragrance ethereal, kitchens"tongjiang tremella, said:"the market price of tremella things like that, it is extremely expensive, often a small box of tremella takes a, bread money can buy."

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