jiangsu cities ranking top bad food!danyang turned out to be

i'm in jiangsu province as a big province of version

the cuisine is quite attractive.

but there are some gourmet snacks,

the locals love as treasures,

under the foreigner name well, it seems that he can't mouth,

would you like to come to have a try?

the unacceptable food in jiangsu

suzhou:chicken bottom

▶ suzhou:eat fat on surface of the mouth, but feel like meat than the meat tender;doesn't feel greasy, an eating pig's feet at, collagen protein, eat mouth still sticky.

▶ others:the first bite, fleshy palate is startling, faintly feel the strands of chicken excrement smell;

the second mouth, chicken butt really very ruwei, feel more chicken excrement smell;

the third mouth, to swallow, feel fell into the henhouse, all was the smell of chicken excrement.

xuzhou:eye bolts

▶ xuzhou:eat barbecue avoid eye bolts, return to eat barbecue?fried eye bolts, crisp sweet, tough and resilient.

▶ others:the first bite, q q play q q play play......what can this q?

the second mouth, this is what parts of the sheep?what?eye bolts can really eat?

nanjing:mao egg

(source:dragon lane [email protected] woods)

▶ nanjing people:delicious of one meter.knock shell suck juice, dipped in salt and pepper, breath eat seven or eight:no problem.delicious and nutritious, didn't have to pick a little.:

▶ others see gasped at the object directly!how could this have to go to the mouth!very very special violence!

, huaian, yangzhou, zhenjiang imitation of tire

(source:"china's on the tip of the tongue"screenshots)

▶ yangzhou, zhenjiang, huaian people:on a"tongue"of food!know how precious ingredients?know what call food process?know how to fill?a mouthful of soup can help you find the feeling of first love~

▶ others:imitation of tire is what?sounds feel very much!

chef:sheep placenta, i:...

lianyungang:bean dan

▶ lianyungang people:understand what is health?high protein, low fat, compared to fresh, dan is the top with egg, taste fresh and fresh to explode!see how lovely!:

▶ others speak true, you know what bean dan is?is a kind of dew douye, eat and drink for a living, grow in the natural state of nontoxic and harmless insects!insects!insects!really, you have to go under the mouth?


▶ huaian:depicai is the baby of the gift of nature!can be cold, burning stew, cooking, and eggs is a perfect partner!taste smooth smooth, the powder by a circle.

▶ others:you'll have to figure out what is the fur!heard that is the place that grows in damp, animal waste and grass generated mostly have?i mean it, i can't eat!

nantong:fried maggots

▶ nantong people:artificial breeding maggot, wash again into the pot, after color golden, like a golden rice bead.sprinkle with salt and pepper taste are sexy!creaking in your mouth!:

▶ others maggot worm worm...i really see this words don't want to eat this dish...

taizhou:dry fried stinky

▶ taizhou people:smell is very smelly, sweet taste that is thief!the appearance, crisp, and fresh, burn and do not paste, delicate and not be bored with......

▶ others:how can have fried stinky do such a thing, taste is greater than the garbage treatment station, the whole street is the peculiar smell.ate this may be my wife won't let me go home a couple of days...

suqian:fish bubble

▶ suqian:excellent taste, taste is super good!kidney and invigorating the kidney is the most important...don't lose out big!so healthy, why don't you eat!

▶ others:good nausea, my god, what can you do this a dish?!really very obliged, and again i also didn't know!


small make up thought for a whole day,

really didn't know what's so special about danyang yucky food,

dear danyangren, do you think?

welcome in the comment area with small make up to discuss!

we all know,

around jiangsu cuisine have flavor,

maybe some difficult for you to accept, is the local people's mind is good,

each food has its own story and own taste~

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