cooking the rice in the year of the year cook the rice said that japan brought great harm to china to make atonement for him

"i am 86 years old, life is coming to an end, japan has brought great harm chinese, i hope that what could be done for chinese."mura shima said.

, there is a shop in japan, which only makes rice

.this shop only provides rice and simple dishes, and is based entirely on rice.the rice here is delicious even without garnish and cool.this is the famous silver rice house under the you have a way out for rice? you're right! if you love japanese cuisine, you will understand the"starting point steamed rice is not only delicious, but also a perfect meal or a."such as the high-end kaiseki, the last is white steamed rice, pickled vegetables and miso soup."the best of the delicious food is the rice!"

store unremarkable

50 price, the main meal only

silver meal house households pavilion started since 1963, operating more than half a century, the menu has almost no change, the main dishes are always steamed rice, yang, simple traditional vinegar stew, etc..the cost of food in the store is up to 55%~60%, and it has hardly risen in 50 years.400~500 people have to eat here every day.

"first taste of his home cooking-

fairy village rice and vegetable roll mr meng

silver meal house households pavilion so cattle! we have to introduce it to the man behind the grand-cooking fairy village mr meng.from the day he was set up in the canteen, he devoted all his energy to cooking rice.

, hybrid father, love steamed rice

village is a hybrid of chinese and japanese mr meng, born in 1930 in heilongjiang china wuchang.when young, after the war, once living to pick up bread with weeds"eat, can eat a hot bowl of plain white rice, is a great blessing of life".

is particularly deep in his feelings about meng village cooking cook plain white rice is more than 50 years, is still used in ancient law.when he sat on the steaming kitchen, topless to control the fire in the rice pot, just like a japanese rice culture and cuisine to defend traditional sculptural weiranchuli.

village mr meng father aged 85, in 1963 he opened a public dining room in osaka, the canteen look inconspicuous, unusual dishes, but all year round big long row of the team.everyone rushed to the village of white steamed rice mr personally cooked out a taste to the village he was host of japanese nationals called"immortal cooking".

he turned off the"silver rice house down house"that had been running for half a century in osaka, japan.he lived in beijing for three years and went to the northeast to find the best rice in china.

for mr meng village for rice is particularly valuable to him.he knew the rice a little precious, precious, as long as there are meters, will try to cook it into the most delicious meal.

from the sino japanese war he and the mother of

after the war broke out, mr meng village with his father to return to japan, since then never seen his mother.

he remembers the last meal, we do not know what will encounter bad luck road, put all the food out:"do not be starving to death."that night, everyone ate the village of mr meng heart steamed rice not simply fill the stomach, but also full of longing for mother.

his feelings about rice, which was nurtured from that time.

war ended, the rapid development of japan, rich materials.but mr meng village has always been on the night to eat the rice obsession, he wanted to find the memory in the taste of rice.

1963 he opened a shop only steamed rice

later, he decided to do so, steamed rice, in 1963, mr meng village opened silver rice house households pavilion.

steamed rice only half a century, man evolved into fairy

who knows, this shop is an open fifty years, after half a century of experience, mura shima has done a steamed rice, this opening is fifty years, every shop people will say, this is the best food i eat steamed rice.

was rich in japan at that time, but for japan with less land resources, rice is still valuable, and rice distribution mechanism is is difficult for ordinary people to get good rice.

village, mr meng no matter, stubborn he put 55% of the cost spent on rice, this is because of his stubbornness, his shop door is always long queues.

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