the boss was almost crying when he went to the buffet, and he gave him five tickets to the restaurant across the street.

buffet, it is a rare method of dining now, it is an international informal western banquet, especially in large business activities!

says to the buffet, who can comply with the all-purpose buffet?

now many buffets are large, and most of them depend on"snatching".there are many people who can't eat much, or try to take it, and have it for themselves.

many people holding"eat three meals"tried to eat.returning to the cost, the heart is refreshing.

this little brother is more fierce, and a good friend left this seafood buffet restaurant to make this joke!

this elder brothers than a person should eat seafood, darling, too fierce.shellfish shell crab cover and other kinds of seafood shells, piled a full a hill!

i said the elder brothers, is said is the charge to eat buffet, but you eat so many, the body can you stand?

, especially seafood, not more than eat, otherwise it will be a lot of trouble!

the boss in the middle of the real is to see not bottom go to, slowly walked past.the real boss is already staring at this guy.

boss used to want to have a casual conversation with him and explore when he could finish his meal and go.

jue after a chat, the invention he also drank a lot of wine, drunk.the boss specially went to the kitchen to bring vinegar, to solve the wine for him!

the next boss made an incredible job, actually gave him five workingman buffet coupons.

i say boss what are you doing?eat your seafood, and you charge your meal coupons?

this boss is too good, ha ha ha!

dear friend, do you say this boss is strange???

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