the drunkard dodged two yin differences and finally gave him a pair of couplets to know that he was doomed

in the year of kangxi, there was a drunkard drinking alcohol, waking up in the morning and not having a bed, and not sleeping at night.the wine pot in the waist should be hung everywhere, a few steps will have to take a drink, the pot has no wine to still have to smell on the nose, the time has long called him wine gourd.
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the wine gourd capacity for liquor is not blow, they have not seen him drunk, outsiders, wine gourd quarrel with people, one day after a big head into the tavern, come out after dark, drink all gone with the wind, walking three steps on his way home, walk while drinking mouth kept saying:good wine, is really good wine!this day is the mid-autumn festival, everyone in the reunion dinner, almost no one on the road, walking down the wine bottle gourd just fell into a well, the well abandoned for many years with a lot of people have to waste, so not too deep, wine bottle gourd alas! after a found can activity, arms and legs feel glad, ha ha!the old son is all right, raise the head to drink a mouthful and say:this wine is really good thing!it doesn't hurt to fall into the well.

at that moment, he seemed to hear someone talking above, also mixed with iron chain drag on the ground, he was scared, atmosphere all his breath, he heard someone say:"tonight is the reunion night the street is very cold and cheerless!in front is the home of the wine gourd, even when he is drinking at home.another voice said:he never thought we were going to take him to the mansion for a drink tonight.let's go!white, let's go to receive him, also don't delay time refuse, wine bottle gourd below to hear, wish this also come on, my age, but in their early 30 s, how so short-lived, as a fortuneteller calculated for me, i insisted should be eighty-six!
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wine bottle gourd want to take any chances, he wasn't in black and white impermanence to find may be dodged a bullet, black-and-white impermanence did not find him at this moment, black impermanent said:this wine bottle gourd can not reunion dinner at home?let's ask the land!time was running out, don't looking for, they took the land, land told them:you find a person dead, of course, black impermanent said:he away from had the first fifteen, but couldn't find him now, will one day be found in jinshan, and he went his way.

wine gourd after listening to the scared into a cold sweat, fortunately fell into a well, but black and white impermanence said in jinshan caught me, killed after all can't go to jinshan, wine bottle gourd spent a night in the well, the second day morning passed the he saved up, after decades of wine bottle gourd has been adhering to the set of rules, no matter what did not went to golden hill, now more than seventy are safe, curiously, he married the day to jinshan granddaughter and in-laws make antinomy, granddaughter in husband's family want to die, the husband's family is afraid of have to call wine gourd to reconcile, wine bottle gourd to granddaughter to die, wish i lived more than seventy dead is dead!better than let granddaughter died, so he went to and after the matter is solved to the granddaughter of the husband's family, and stay there for the night, the results and drink many, you carry him to bed then go back to the house to sleep.

wine bottle gourd was piss in the middle of the night awake, dizzy gunk up after a convenient, but can't find your sleep the room, and sorry to disturb poguren, oneself completely blind to look for, as the trapped and cold, he suddenly touched a cabinet, opened inside the cabinet also felt the quilt, the in the mind that happy!also no matter who covers advanced to a warm sleep again, as he is about to fall asleep, heard the sound of a familiar and unfamiliar, and as the voice more and more closer to him, that is the voice of the black and white impermanence mop the floor with chains, the last time he thought hiding in the past, it seems this is really finished.

, at this time, a sharp voice sounds:how strange!mr.yan wang mingming said the wine gourd must be here, how can't find?a head jar voice jar spirit voice replied:"should be in here, we look in carefully, this still didn't find his black-and-white impermanence to find a few times, called land came up again, said land, wine bottle gourd already into the coffin, of course you can't find, black impermanent said:did you receive the benefits of wine bottle gourd intentional mischief!last time you said that we were punished by the king of yan, the land said:dare not, dare not, how dare i disturb the life and death of the world?the man is clearly in the coffin, but you should go back to the mansion.the gourd grew a sigh of relief, and the drowsiness fell asleep.

:the next morning, the granddaughter screamed,"grandpa!how do you sleep in a coffin?"the calabash gets up and looks, doesn't it?the oneself lie in which is the cabinet, clearly is a coffin!he carefully thought, it must be dark last night no bed, just touch the somebody else for the aged in advance to prepare a new coffin, fog lay came in, unexpectedly and dodged a bullet, think of this, wine bottle gourd joy, what a cat has nine lives, terrifying and can endure i what!but smug, he resolved once more that he would not come to jinshan in the future.

in the home, and get over the years, at the time it was already very old, but his hobby is drinking haven't changed a bit, one day, he and a few old friends get together, recalled that when young, are all very happy, so good night to gold old man's house to drink, a few old friends have enough to drink, someone is talking about why big gourd hard-drinking and then live a long life, wine bottle gourd through wine strength, his secret said out of a few decades, everyone not only not letter, also said he was mean, not to tell the truth, but said it's good to nobody believe wine gourd, disappointed, i got collapsed.

in the evening, the wine bottle gourd in the gold old man who lives down the middle of the night, he fell asleep asleep, suddenly feel lighter body, open on see, a left a right beside each have a home, holding a chain around his neck, and then look back on the bed, your body is heavy fall asleep in bed, black impermanent drink 1:"wine bottle gourd, the first two to let you get away with, see you today where to go!"as soon as he saw that his soul had been removed from his body, he trembled with fear and said,"two big...don't be angry, my lord.i didn't make it twice before...if you are innocent, you will go around're not talking about catching me in jinshan!how do you say it now?"
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white impermanence, said:"what be?gold old man is the third in the family, is not gold three?"

:"how can you do this? can this gold and gold be the same?"

/p> black and white a shake of the lock chain, pointing to zhang big gourd's nose big shout:"you still dare to follow our theory?the first time you hid in the well and put it into the soil, the second time you hid in the coffin and pretended to be in the coffin, so you escaped twice, and the king has already punished us twice!this time you are caught in the golden three, and like the one written in the life and death book, you can take the quibble."do you think you can hide from us when you listen to us?when you look up at the couplet in front of the room, the wine gourd looks up, and it reads:who does not die?who has been spared from the ages?look at that across the line:it's you.