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chili meat

【 main ingredient 】 400 g pork belly;

[excipient] pepper 4, vegetable oil 1 tbsp, ginger 2 slices, garlic 5 petals, 1 tbsp raw, 1 1/2 tbsp of old soy sauce, 1/2 tbsp of wine, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp chicken essence.

【 is 】

1) hot peppers into rings, sliced pork belly

(2) ginger, garlic cut good

(3) the pot in meat stir-fried with a little vegetable oil, saute until fat is transparent color, edge slightly brown(don't fry the meat too far, no taste and hard)

4.add in light soy sauce, soy sauce and cooking wine, stir

5.add green pepper, add the salt and chicken essence seasoning

fleshy foam eggplant

【 main ingredient 】 long eggplant 2, 200 g of meat

"accessories"salt, 1 tsp dried-shrimps, dried chili, a moderate amount of starch, cooking wine, 1 tbsp water, 1/2 tsp

【 is 】

1) cut eggplant in panlong eggplant.

(2) the hot pepper, ginger, garlic, scallions, cut good

3.put a moderate amount of oil, fry pan to forty percent hot burning, turn to medium heat, the eggplant fried(because the eggplant is fuel, oil more best fried, as some eggplant is delicious).

, add a little base oil, add the minced meat and stir fry, then add the dry pepper, ginger and garlic until fragrant, add wine, old smoke and water, add a little sugar, salt, chicken essence and stir well.

:drop the eggplant and cook(the minced meat at the end of the eggplant) until the broth becomes a little thicker.

beer roast duck

【 main ingredient 】, beer duck

"accessories"salt, single crystal rock candy 4 piece of 3 g, the old 15 ml, 600 ml beer, ginger, dry red pepper, soy sauce, garlic

【 is 】

1.wash the duck chop into pieces, ginger smash.boil water in a pan and cook for 3 minutes.

:drain off the cold water and drain.

3.pour the oil in the wok heated to seventy percent, and fry the duck under the block is kept in the pan fried duck, a duck in the water, see the duck skin tight, duck block is relatively narrow, fried duck pieces is transferred to the pressure cooker, pots do not have to wash.

:ginger, dried chilli, poured into a whole bottle of beer, and then covered with a high pressure lid, turning to fire.

, etc.after the air is ringing, turn the fire away for 20 minutes, turn off the heat, and wait for the pressure cooker to release gas.

/p>/p>.open the fire and cover the pot with soup.

, end, only a small amount of sticky soup.

hot and sour potatoes

【 main ingredient 】 two potatoes, green pepper, red pepper, half a

【 material 】 1, 1 disc garlic, onion, 1 slice ginger, 1 millet pepper, chinese prickly ash 3 grain, oil, salt, chicken essence, right amount

【 is 】

1) wash peeled potatoes, spring onion, ginger, cloves of garlic slice, millet pepper cut ring

2.potatoes wire brush into the clean water immersion to starch, remove to drain water standby

3.heat wok, pour in a moderate amount of cooking oil heat, add green onion, ginger, garlic, chinese prickly ash, millet pepper ring

4.pour into the fire barbecue, transferred to a moderate amount of salt, a little 13 xiang, half spoon vinegar fire

5) to black bean is broken, then add half spoon vinegar, less than half spoon chicken powder, stirring evenly off the fire.

garlic fried sausages

【 main ingredient 】 sausage 10 grams 250 grams, 350 grams of garlic sprout, chili, 2 grams of ginger

"accessories"3 tbsp salad oil, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp cooking wine, hot water 2 bowls of water, starch amount

【 is 】

1) sausage warm water wash section 45 degrees, wash and root cutting 45 degrees, garlic sprout leaves 2 cm, piace thenminto garlic, ginger piace thenminto

(2) clean pot preheating pour oil, oil and fry the garlic root slight heat and pour into sausage with garlic, ginger, pepper, salt, msg a little soy sauce added pepper.

/p>, garlic seedling, add 30ml water moistening pot, water dry!

oil fish

【 main ingredient 】 grass carp 750 grams, 50 grams of dried turnip

【 material 】 garlic 10 disc, 3 only millet pepper, cooking wine 3 grams, 10 grams of spring onions, sesame oil 2 grams, ginger 5 grams, 30 grams of sugar, pepper, 1 g, 5 g of soy sauce, chicken essence 3 g

【 is 】

1), grass carp is clean every cut in, in the back row a few knife at an angle, plate, sprinkle with shredded ginger, add cooking wine marinate for 30 minutes;

:garlic, pickled pepper, millet pepper, green onion and radish dried.


(4) the fried garlic at the end of the pot to add some oil, put at the end of the chop bell pepper, dried turnip and stir-fried millet pepper pot at the end of the

5.30 ml of rice wine, steamed fish soy 30 ml, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce and stir well to a little ginger

6 steam pan, add water to boil a pot, marinate the good fish in the steamer steaming 6 minutes;

7) pour a plate of rice wine sauce, and then put the cooked dried turnip, millet pepper and garlic prepared sauce on the fish, continue to steam for about 2 minutes

pet-name ruby get hot under the pot of oil, the oil burning to smoke, the smoke of burning oil pour over scallions and fish.

soy chicken feet

【 main ingredient 】 chicken feet 15, soy only 60 g

【 material 】 garlic 2 disc, cooked camel ahead of 3 small spoon, green and small, 5 slices ginger, chinese prickly ash tree 1 small piece of 2, 3 small spoon of salt, cinnamon, cooking oil, 3 tablespoons teriyaki sauce, fermented bean curd, 1 piece, right amount water, 13 xiang 1 small spoon,

【 is 】

1.soybean soaking in warm water and a half hours in advance, scallion cut, cut the scallions, ginger slices

(2) after rinse chicken feet from the boiling water remove, wash cold water soak for 10 minutes, remove to

(3) the pot heat oil, wait into aniseed and stir-fry, chinese prickly ash into fry the chicken feet a few times

(4) into the cooked camel ahead quickly stir-fry to apply even

5.then all the chicken feet in a pressure cooker

6.join and chicken feet of water, and all spices

7) cover pot simmer for 30 minutes, pressure cooker deflated, release pressure pot, chicken feet remove to the plate in the

today will be left in the pressure cooker soup poured into another clean the pot, small fire stir in brewing soy.simmer for 15 minutes, the liquid viscous, it is ok to soybean soft

bean curd stick burning flesh

【 main ingredient 】 fatty pork 200 g, 200 g

【 material 】 shallot, moderate, ginger, cooking oil, a spoonful of salt, sugar two teaspoons, cooking wine, a spoon, a spoon, two teaspoons of

【 is 】

1) pork belly slices or pieces, bean curd stick cut into small pieces(five or six hours in advance of bubble with warm water), shallot, chopped green onion and ginger slices up and pour the right amount of cooking oil, the oil temperature sixty percent hot, add shredded ginger until fragrant.

/p>.stir-fry for a while, then push the oil out of the meat.


:add one spoonful of raw, two spoonfuls of old, two spoonfuls of white sugar, one tablespoon of wine, stir-fry even, so that the ingredients in the pot are evenly colored.

:add the right amount of water, the amount of water and the food in the pot will be flat.stir well and cook.



/p>add a tablespoon of salt to taste.turn medium and medium heat, cook until the soup is thick and thick, add chives, stir fry evenly, until the sauce is over, out of the pan.steamed pork with rice flour


【 main ingredient 】 with skin pork 250 g, 100 g rice

【 material 】 1 tbsp shaoshing wine, 1 tbsp soy sauce, salt, msg, sugar, sweet each a moderate amount of pasta sauce, green onion, shredded ginger at the end of the appropriate amount, five-spice powder half a teaspoon, sesame oil a little.

, wash the rice, drain the water, stir fry the small fry in a frying pan into a micro yellow, then remove the air to cool, and then roll it into coarse grain rice flour.

:pour the rice noodles into the pork bowl and add a little water to moisten the rice flour so that each piece of meat can be covered with thick rice flour and the skin is down.

is in the bowl, steam it in a steamer, and remove it in the pan.


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