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1.checks whether the egg is fresh

, to check whether the egg is fresh, just put it in the brine, the fresh egg will sink and float.

2.stir fry the fresh egg.

, beat the egg into the bowl, add a little warm water, stir it evenly, pour it into the frying pan, stir fry, and pour a little wine into the pot, so the eggs are fluffy, tender and delicious.cook chicken with soy boiled chicken pot add some soy tongzhu, not only meat cooked quickly, and improve the nutrition.

5., add hot water to

, stir fry and cook not add cold water.cold water will make vegetables grow old, hard and tasty, and stir fry dishes to make them crisp and tender.

6.stir fry lotus root silk constant black,

stir fry lotus root silk, side fry side add some water, can prevent black lotus root.

7.let potatoes do not germinate

bought potatoes often do not pay attention to the germination, the next time you can put an apple in the potato pile to try.

8.easily peeled fish scales before

peeled fish scales in brine, and the scales could easily fall off.

9.fried fish how to go to the fishy

fish before immersing the fish in the milk for a moment, not only in addition to the fishy, but also to enhance the taste.

10.boiled fish soup plus milk.when

is making frozen fish, adding some milk to the soup will make the fish taste more fresh.

11.stir fry shrimps

, add shrimps into the bowl, add some salt and edible alkali powder, rub it with hands for a while, then soak it in water, then rinse with water, so that the fried shrimp is transparent, crystal, tender and delicious.

12.fried eggplant coup

fried eggplant, with boiling water or boiled with salt water, so there is no oil.when fried, put a bit of vinegar, and the color is better.


put a little vinegar stew stew pork spareribs or stew, put some vinegar, is conducive to calcium absorption.the

14.steamer cooking salt

with double boiler cooking, salt water, food will be cooked faster.

15.noodles plus spoon oil adding a tablespoon of oil in the water overflow

noodles, noodles will not stick, but also can prevent the overflow of the pot soup noodles.

16.steamed rice steamed rice with oil

steamed rice, add a few drops of raw oil in the pot and stir.the steamed rice is a grain of one grain and no sticky pot.

17.flapjack buzhanguo tips

flapjack, sprinkle some salt in the pan, it is not easy to stick pan.

18.wash black fungus

wash black fungus, put a little flour, can be cleaned more clean.


the first frozen boiled bean mung bean, soybean, red bean boiled after cooling reentry freezer 2 hours, can quickly remove the cook boiled.

20.cleverly peels garlic

before peeling garlic with water and soaks the whole garlic in water and peels it up a lot easier.

21.cleverly garlic

, drink a cup of milk, can eliminate the garlic smell left in the mouth

22.after meals, fennel

after eating 5~10 grain anise and swallow, it can prevent halitosis and refreshing breath.the oil in the fennel can also help digestion and remove the odour of the digestive tract.


nonstick cooking dumplings boiled dumplings to add enough water, until the water after adding a small amount of salt, stir again after the dumplings, this can increase the toughness of gluten, dumplings not sticky skin stick pan, clear soup dumplings incense.using


to walnut walnut meat into the pot and steam for 10 minutes, put in cold water to open, can complete the removal of peach kernel.

25.saves coke

to drink a large bottle of coke, pour over and put less easily.

26.cleverly tomatoes,

, mango, turn on the gas stove for a few seconds, and it is very good skinning.the tomato can be scalded with boiled water, and the skin is easy to peel off. nonstick

ordinary wok, fry need something, put the heating pot, pour a small amount of oil, heat the oil poured out, pour the oil into the cold, non stick pot, fried fish, fried dumplings are not sticky.

28.cut onions do not cry

cut onions and other vegetables, can be peeled into the freezer for several hours after the cut, not dazzling tears.

29.cut loose egg and the knives

knife cut loose egg, egg yolk will stick on the knife, use silk thread to cut loose egg, both uniform and no sticky yolk.the knife cut blanched in hot water, can also cut neatly.

cut hard cut chilli peppers, dirty words, you can try to use toothpaste to wash, the effect is good. to tears do

to eat spicy to tears do? eat food that is hot to tears, and drinking water can not be hot, but it will be hotter.the best solution is to drink milk, and drink to ease the feeling of hot.

32.clothes are stained with wine,

, or tablecloth, and don't worry about the wine.then rinse it with cold water after salt.similarly, the clothes that are covered with coffee can be washed with salt. to remove clothes on the hot pot flavor

spray can pour water, add 1-2 drops of lemon juice shake, spray on the external coat.when the surface of the clothes is sprayed on a layer of water, hang up, put it in a place of ventilation and dry, the taste is not.


lifting clothes creased clothes, not only the old, seethe

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