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some people say,"soup is better than medicine,"some people say,"no soup is not a feast"...therefore, some families will make soup every day, especially old fire soup, often in a few hours.

but soup this practice everyday, also often be friends all over the country, especially drawn nutrition science-

on the other hand, is in clay pot boiling for a long period of time, many nutrients in the food will be destroyed;

, on the other hand, pork bones, chicken, duck and other meat products, after cooking, can release the substances such as muscle peptide, purine and amino acids.

these material always called"containing nitrogen, which contains"the more purine materials", and long-term intake of excessive purine"can lead to high blood uric acid, the latter is the culprit causing gout.

, the benefits of soup and a lot of

there is no doubt that drink soup benefits a lot, there are mainly three points:

1, the old fire soup contains many minerals, including sodium salt, drink soup to supplement minerals and salt by sweating much loss is good.

2, pot soup, the amino acids and nucleotides in the food will dissolve in water.a lot of people know that the monosodium glutamate is the amino acid and the chicken essence is the amino acid and nucleotide.when there are so many"tasty substances"in the soup, it can be presented as fresh and sweet flavor, which has a positive effect on improving appetite.

3, when the climate is hot and humid, drinking soup is the most direct hydrating method.nowadays, however, living standards have improved a lot, and many people are making soup almost every day.modern people lack exercise and sunlight, and face computer and tv all day long.in this case, drinking hot soup every day, even the family does not know the health of a pot of medicinal soup, will undoubtedly cause problems.

pressure cooker is how to reduce the

, so how to ensure the delicious and delicious taste of the soup, so that you can stay away from high purine and get away from gout?

is recommended to use a pressure cooker to boil the soup with stews.

this guarantee both full-bodied taste, also ensure the nutritional value, at the same time can also reduce the intake of"high purine".

pressure cooker"pot soup", because the vapor pressure increases, the nutrition of food is released more.in addition, the pressure cooker rises quickly, and the hard and hard food such as bones, meat and dried beans is easier to cook, which greatly reduces cooking time.

, in addition, because of the water stew, the stews have a sealed seal, the pressure cooker is"cooked"with less water, the aroma of the soup is retained, and the loss of nutrients is less, and the tonic effect is more obvious.

high pressure cooker temperature, killing microorganism good effect, with high pressure cooker cooking food, microbial contamination is less likely.

, of course, for green vegetables, green melon, wax gourd, potato and so on easy to cook, it is not appropriate to use pressure cooker to boil soup.

:this soup is delicious, with high nutritional value, and purine will not exceed the standard.

, of course, even if it is, it is not recommended to drink more, generally 3~4 times a week.eat soup as well as soup.

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