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1, white socks are yellow, soak in detergent solution for 30 minutes before washing.for the milk stains on the clothes, wash the stains with washing powder and then wash them properly.

2, how to use a casserole, must be placed on a dry board or straw mat when starting from the top of the fire, not on tile or cement surface.

3, burning of meat, the drunk, then add some vinegar, food will be delicious.burn vegetarian dishes such as bean sprouts, add bit of vinegar, appropriate taste good nutrition, because vinegar have protective effect on vitamin

4, bread can remove oil stains:clothes during the dinner conversation, clothes if dyed by oil stains, usable fresh white bread gently friction, oil stains can be removed.

5, scrubbing wood and bamboo table with residual tea leaves to make it more polished.dry the dried leaves and spread them in damp places.after the dried leaves are dried, the pillowcase can also be put into the pillowcase, which is very soft.

6, dumplings cooked, scoop out the dumplings with produced first, then soak in warm water rinse, then on the plate, the dumplings won't stick together each other.

7, fried shrimp:before frying prawns, you can boil the prawns with the boiling water of cinnamon before frying, then stir-fry the shrimp, which is more delicious.

8, vegetables can be cooked as soon as possible, avoid prolonged heat preservation and multiple addition, in order to make the dishes easy to be cooked, add a little water after frying.

9, bread can remove carpet stains:if the small carpet in your home is dirty, you can wipe it with hot bread crumbs and hang it in a cool place.after 24 hours, the stain can be removed.

10, when shaving the beard, toothpaste is used instead of soap, since the toothpaste does not contain free alkali, not only not only does the skin not stimulate, but the foam is rich, the smell is fragrant, so that the person has cool and refreshing feeling.

11, the best use of wind oil(1):sprinkle a few drops of wind oil on the leaves of the fan, and with the constant rotation of the blades, it can make the room fragrant and have the effect of driving off mosquitoes.

before 12, paint, frost, wipe on hands first level after brush paint spread butter on the stained with paint of the skin, use dry cloth to wipe, and then clean with soap, can make the attached to get rid of the paint of the skin.

13, tofu generally has a bittersweet smell.before cooking tofu, if you soak in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, you can remove the brine taste.the tofu will not only taste good, but also taste delicious.

14, when boiling eggs, you can dip the eggs in cold water for a while, then cook them in hot water, so that the eggshells are not broken and easy to peel off.

15, the watch is magnetically affected, it will affect the accuracy of walking.the elimination method is very simple, as long as to find an unmagnetized iron ring, put the watch in the ring, wear to wear slowly, after a few minutes, the watch will return magnetic recovery.

16, tofu slants cold, usually with the stomach cold, such as eating behind the phenomenon such as chest tightness, nausea, tofu is unfavorable edible;easy to diarrhoea, abdominal distension of spleen deficiency, also unfavorable to eat tofu.

17, toothpaste also has cleansing function!when bathing, use toothpaste instead of bath soap to rub body decontamination, have obvious clean skin function, still can make bath hind whole body is cool, and still have the action that prevents heat rash.

18, when cooking in the microwave, first soak the ingredients with the ingredients.this is because the microwave cooking process is fast, if not infiltrated through the flavor, and the effect of onion, ginger, garlic and other incense is difficult to play.

19, grape juice is good for blood pressure medicine!use grape juice instead of plain water to take blood pressure medicine, can make blood pressure drop smoothly, and do not appear the phenomenon of high and low blood pressure.

20, cooking is not suitable for raw water.because tap water contains chlorine gas, in the cooking process, it will destroy the vitamin b1 that contains in grain, if use boiling water to cook rice, vitamin b1 can be protected from loss.

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