an interesting indian custom will brighten your eyes

while india and china are close neighbors, the social customs of the two countries are very different.the phenomenon that is used in india is so new and even inconceivable to the chinese.

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the leaves when rice basin

indians in collective dinner, eating rice basin are often made of leaves.this tub by a few big whole leaf are assembled to fold.both inside and outside two layer, between the leaves and leaves with smaller than matchstick small branches"seam", leaf assumes the circular, and around the edge of a stuck up, so its appearance as well as metal rice basin, and agree all the shape and size of leaf basin, apparently by a mold pressed first i thought it would be unhygienic to use it, and i was afraid that it would leak, so i would not be happy to use it.but then i completely changed the idea, because i found that it had obvious advantages:first, it was made only of a few leaves, and there were plenty of leaves in the it's very easy to draw, very low cost.secondly, this kind of tableware is very light, and not afraid to fall, easy to handle, suitable for the collective and the field meal.finally, it is also the most important point, after meal processing easy, do not wash, a throw, and very easy to be digested by nature, basically do not have pollution to health, worry, local people often eat with the leaf basin is not upset, after foreigners(including the author) with no problems, so can rest assured to enjoy this kind of amorous feelings of the leaves fast food bowl!

payment with the right hand

indians pass money shopping payment only use right hand, and also only use right hand when the other party change, never.with his left hand.i was told that it would be impolite for a local man to pay with his left took me a long time to develop the habit of using my right hand for money.the reason for saying"in a way"is that sometimes forgetting the rule makes the left hand.but probably because i am"laowai", i haven't met the other side is angry when i paid with my left hand.

in's not just about's about delivering other things(especially gifts) in more formal situations, and using your right hand if you don't have to use your hands.

the toilet no toilet paper

after the indians used to defecate not use toilet paper and hand wipe, and then rinse with the toilet in india has a very low faucet on the edge of the toilet, and a large cup(often plastic) with a handle, which is for the convenience of the wild, they try to be near the water.what's interesting is that the process of cleaning is done using the left hand instead of the right hand.

, but now it's also available in some finicky, often alien guesthouses or apartments.but even in these toilets, there's still a very low faucet and a big cup with it!but this cup is high-the steel cup replaces the plastic cup.

side header table agrees

in some indian states(e.g., west bengal), when people agree or agree, they don't nod, but turn their heads to the right side.foreigners often misunderstand at first.some books say that indians(including bangladeshis) shake their heads in fact, this is not accurate because the side head and the head shake are different movements after all.when the indian side says yes, sometimes the movements are so large that the whole upper body is sideways to the right, which is a more obvious difference than shaking your head.