how can i eat like this?on hot pot i only take haidilao!

is getting cold, so i want to eat all kinds of warm and harmonious things, and let people feel warmest and choose the best chafing dahuisi

mom's first store sea fishing in dahuisi road, sea fishing has become the first in my family to eat a hot pot, because nearly two, is because it tastes good, three because of thoughtful service, waiting for a stool, girls can also serve tea, nail polish, the waiter can see my heart heart service, corporate culture is particularly good, give employees a sense of belonging, sense of honor.

is a little bad, too hot, every meal should be sent to the mother early to occupy the position.

looked at the bottom of the sea to take a footprints to today, all over the country, want to eat seabed fishing does not have to return to the home, near to find a store.

has been too busy recently to go back to see mom.mother doesn't trust me.after dancing, she will come to see me.after receiving the phone call, she doesn't want to go out for lunch.she wants to take some takeaway and eat at home.think of the hot pot that mom likes to eat, open the public comment, search the nearby sea bottom fishing, there are 100 full discount 45 yuan, but still need to receive 58 yuan of the outgoing fee, the family is sent to a certain amount, it is more than 500, and the delivery fee is also a little upset.

in the sea fishing public to see a takeaway column, working day 11:00 to 14:00 full 500 by 200, just friday, you can use this 58 discount, 58 delivery fee, single slip.this price can't be eaten by the price i eat for a long time.

12:23 placed the order, 12.43 received the call, said that my stove recycling and new stove were duplicated, suggested that i change into the dish, asked again, my family has the induction cooker, the stove recycling and the use directly remove to replace the dishes, 28 yuan buys a mandarin duck pot, may leave the next use.

i prepared the electromagnetic oven at home, waiting for the sea bottom to take off.12:50 i received phone, immediately notify the delivery, forecast in 15 minutes.

13:03, who wearing uniforms with two bags arrived before the door with a helmet, wearing shoes, handsome!

on top of the bag is chopsticks, the following is fresh ingredients, spices, all the ingredients i ordered.

who first covered a layer of plastic cloth, to prevent dirty tables.the

actually uses the cloth tablecloth, and it feels new.

red tablecloth high air, very new year atmosphere.

today's little brother is gentle when working, wearing masks and hats, civilization, health work.

full of a box, i feel a lot's very neat.

snacks, chewing gum, paper towels, wet wipes, spray, elastic, not my point, additional free distribution.

looks very fresh, and the ingredients are kept fresh.

fruit, fish skin is not my point, the store can be provided free of charge.

sauce 6 dollars a box of onion and coriander, is a free distribution.

in the middle of these are all i order, the takeout box high quality.

packing box, set a black plastic bag, can be used as a garbage bin.

mandarin duck furnace, clean, water.


point yuanyang pot, mushroom soup and vegetable oil.

side and edible vegetable oil.

chili oil side, each one takes what he needs.

operation of the opening towards themselves, to prevent splashing.

oil is hot.

mushroom soup put some mushrooms, feel to eat, two bags of bacteria distribution soup, put a bag.

ingredients to wrap, put to the desktop, put dishes.

open electromagnetic furnace, ready to make clear, garbage bags put inthe

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