what can i do for a dollar?the options are cheap and tasty

let's cook at home, usually spend a little money, you can make a delicious meal.below, to recommend these 10 dishes, each cost is five or six dollars, the practice is not difficult, belongs to the delicious and affordable kind.like the parents,~

first:tomato thick egg, burn

tomatoes and eggs, not only can be fried, but also can eat like this.in this way, the eggs and tomatoes are integrated together, which makes the taste more abundant.it's easy to make.it can be done in ten minutes.it's a very recommendable egg eating method.

specific production method

the first step:preparation of ingredients.4 eggs, half tomatoes, 1 spoons of milk and a little salt.(if eggs are big, 3 can be)

second step:cut the tomatoes into pieces.

third steps:eggs break up, as shown in figure.

fourth:put the diced tomatoes, milk and salt into the egg mixture evenly in the mixing.

fifth step:put a layer of edible oil into the pan, and heat the small torch.then, 1/3 of the egg into the pot, turn the pot, let the egg evenly in the pan, as shown in fig..the sixth step:

to the bottom surface of egg solidification, and some wet, with a shovel by the side began to roll up egg cakes, as shown in fig..(for the first time, if the shape is not complete, it doesn't matter, and then the better the roll.)

seventh:put the egg roll to the edge, and then poured into the 1/3 egg pave figure.

the eighth step:according to the sixth step, the egg bottom solidifies, rolled up by the side began to roll up again, and then rely on egg cakes, to the side, as shown in fig..

ninth:put the rest of the egg into the pot for figure.

tenth step:the last one will be rolled up and put egg cakes, close down, and then heated for a while, as shown in fig..(if you're worried about it, you can heat it up a little longer each time)

eleventh step:remove, cut and then eat.

say more:

1, to add a little milk in the egg, can let the taste of fresh update.but must not add too much, one or two spoon can, more than not easy to shape.

2, in the process of fried eggs, must use a small fire, if you feel the pot is relatively hot, you can first turn off the fire, after the temperature down and then open fire.

second:oil free version of fish-flavored eggplant

eat eggplant oil, so we usually do eggplant, most often are greasy, taste is not very fresh, many health conscious friends are afraid to eat.below to introduce a super fuel-efficient fish-flavored eggplant practices, the entire process takes only a few drops of oil, even during the weight loss can also eat.the eggplant bright red color, full flavor, long aftertaste, with steamed rice eat special meals.

specific production method

the first step:preparation of ingredients.long eggplant 2, 60 grams of minced meat, garlic amount.(eggplant preferred to be slender, cut after the tender eggplant without seeds)

second:put the eggplant cut into strips, mince garlic spare.

third step:add 1 spoons of salt into the eggplant and mix it, then marinate for 10 minutes.marinate, excess water squeezed out.(salt or brine salting out eggplant, eggplant can remove astringency, but also can prevent the discoloration of eggplant.when steam)

fourth step:put the eggplant into a large pan, boil the water, steam for 8-10 minutes.

fifth step:when steaming eggplant, begin to prepare bowl juice.take a clean bowl, then add 2 tablespoons of starch, 2 teaspoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of chicken, 1 soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, then pour into the little half bowl of water, stir, bowl of juice is made.

sixth step:minced meat into the pot, add a little oil, low heat stir fry the minced meat color.(if the meat is fat, also can not put oil.)

the seventh step:to pan add 1 tablespoons chopped pickled, 1 tablespoons of pixian bean sauce, stir fried chili oil, then half of the garlic into the pot stir fried flavor.

eighth step:the eggplant strips into the pot, stir fry evenly.

ninth step:pour the bowl juice into the pan and stir evenly.

tenth step:before the pot, the other half of garlic into the pot, stir fry evenly, you can turn off the fire.~

third:oyster sauce lettuce

this dish is easy to make and takes short time.nutrient rich, fresh and refreshing.it's a very healthy dish.

specific production method

the first step:preparation of ingredients.lettuce 1, garlic appropriate.the second step:

will tear off a piece of lettuce cleaned, mince garlic spare.(cleaning lettuce can be torn down after the leaves, into the salt water soak for 20 minutes or more, in order to remove the pesticide residues on the leaves and so on)

the third step:the pot into the amount of water, boil the leaves into the pot, add a little cooking oil.then 30 seconds remove and reserve boiled lettuce.


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