chinese medicine three recruit help you to sleep all night long red date how to eat the most complement person?

red date:how to eat the most filling?

:"eat three dates in a day and never show your old age".the most prominent feature of red dates is high vitamin content.traditional chinese medicine believes that jujube can be used to invigorated qi and nourish blood.

fresh date vitamin content is more abundant;but it has a time-to-order, can't always buy, and eat more can harm the digestive function.although the content of the dried jujube is decreased, iron content is higher, and its nutrition is easier to absorb, and it is more suitable for food we introduce the treatment of several dates.

red date bubble water, nourishing the liver detoxification.


red jujube a blister detail determines its efficacy.the skin of the red date fruit is tough and tough to digest.if it is a whole bubble, it is difficult to completely dissolve its active ingredient, so it is better to break it apart and then wash it.

should also be noted that fresh red dates should not be washed or cooked.this is because it's vitamin c content is very high, brewed in hot water will damage d c

red jujube tea, tonifying qi to protect voice

after the red jujube fry black tea to drink, can cure the stomach cold, have a stomachache.

, if you put in the osmanthus, it is to supplement the blood tonic tea, which is suitable for teachers and salesmen.

.medium-sized red jujube, a best not more than 15, overdoing beneath the digestive function, can cause heartburn and abdominal distention

red jujube soup, cough runfei

agreeable freedom in tang dynasty, after the written"will effect the"recorded the red date and tremella soup with rock sugar, can cough runfei.

material:tremella:20 g(about half), red jujube, 20, rock candy:60 grams(according to the taste of each add weight reduction)

:put tremella water found on, take off her head, tear into small pieces, with red jujube, rock sugar into the pot, add water bowl, after the fire boil, convert and cook for half an hour, can be shut down.

red boiled egg, blood raise colour

with red jujube and longan cook brown sugar water, to jujube rotten longan cotton, dozen eggs;continue to cook eggs with small fire.

red jujube, osmanthus and brown sugar all have the function of blood tonic, the cooked eggs are very nourishing.

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red jujube congee, ann god sleep

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine, women have manic depressive symptoms such as restlessness, uneasy, usable lily, lotus seed with red jujube self-care.if it is cooked with millet, it is better to use the effect of jujube.

:6 kinds of soup to make you have a good night's sleep

acid jujube decoction:3 money mashed, fried, one hour per night before bed.jujube kernel can inhibit the central nervous system and has a constant calming effect.there is good effect on the restlessness or palpitation of blood deficiency....

red jujube wine, vascular patency

red jujube in the process of soaking, nutrient-rich organic dissolution in the wine more has a certain effect on keeping the vessel smooth.

small make up remind:

dry jujube sizes, while the difference in nutrition and diet therapy effect is not big, but the advice from the taste, when we make tea bubble water with big red dates, especially the red jujube production in xinjiang, taste sweet, its best to tear into several half with;boil porridge, bubble wine and so on optional.

three elements of traditional chinese medicine to help you sleep all night

if the person's heart inflammation, kidney water line, has formed a heart like the separation of kidney, heart kidney separation can cause people to want to sleep can't sleep at night, i feel very tired during the day, two legs are so is difficult to treat the insomnia caused by heart the past, a few soups of jujube kernel soup, or a hot soup can be cured, but there is no obvious effect from these drugs.because people's lives are much more complicated than in ancient times, many people's insomnia is related to staying up late.

> every night from 11pm to 1am, it is the time to sleep, and when people are not sleeping at this time, they will gradually develop the condition of the heart and kidney, which causes insomnia.

2, blood deficiency

.there is a saying in traditional chinese medicine, which is called coking, which is our spleen and stomach.where does the blood come from?actually blood is from the stomach, the human body is through the stomach digest food, the essence of food turns into blood.blood is a kind of energy, which represents a kind of kinetic energy, which can be used for human needs.

we often mention the blood tonic, understand chinese medicine medicine, they know the blood is from the stomach, so eating a lot of so-called blood supplements may not be of much use, the best way is to eat well.stomach main blood, so the stomach deficiency can cause blood insufficient, want to make up the blood to need to maintain good our stomach classics.if the blood is insufficient and cannot be effectively lost to the brain, the brain can cause insomnia

/p>/p> if you eat too much at night, it can also cause insomnia.breath is used to sleep and to digest food.if you eat too much at night, the gas will be blocked by the medium coke, and the yang qi cannot be lost to the brain, causing insomnia.

:chinese ancient health care about eating two meals a day, nine or ten o 'clock in the morning, one at four and five o 'clock in the afternoon, and no more eating in the evening.and the rule of living is also a sunrise, and the day is falling, so people rarely lose sleep.

we have to master one principle for dinner, which is that we should be full by seven eighths.and it's best to go for a walk after dinner, or do some other exercise, which is good for night sleep.

three recruit help you night sleep

a, before sleeping to soak the foot comfort god

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, the foot is the foot three yin meridians and three yang meridians and other important meridian of load-point, and on the soles of the feet have close relationship with various internal organs also distribution of nearly 70 acupuncture points and the reaction zone, with hot bubble foot, stimulate the reaction zone, you can adjust the viscera function, enhanced physique.

in terms of insomnia, the hot water can expand the foot blood circulation, promote the foot blood flow, reduce the muscle tone of foot, and prompted the head to lower limb blood flow, less blood, make the person produces the feeling that the whole body relaxed and the same time, the effect of insomnia can be further enhanced if it is accompanied by a massage of the spring cavity(about 1/3 of the toe of the bottom of the foot).because the spring cave also has the function of the downward, calm, tranquilizing, lowering blood pressure and so on.

for foot massage, it should be noted that


2, water temperature should not be too high, generally 30 to 40 degrees celsius.

3, best to have a certain height of a flat barrel, so that the water depth is immersed in the calf belly.

4, you can massage the spring cavity while soaking your feet, or you can massage after the bubble.

5, if you add some vinegar(100-150ml) in hot water, it works better.

6, diabetes, cardiocerebral vascular disease, cold feet, and foot inflammation unsuitable.

2, acupoint massage to protect your sleep is more sweet

.light is not easy to fall asleep, heavy people sleepless nights, seriously affecting people's daily's a way to get your sleep back.

traditional chinese medicine thinks that the brain is the government of yuanshen, so it should also pay attention to the blood supply of the head.we can comb our scalp several times with a single hand during leisure time, such as resting or watching tv.the direction is the hairline starting from the forehead, and the hairline ends along the scalp to the this way, the five fingers can be divided into the directrary pulse of the head,

, the bladder meridian, the biliary meridian, to achieve the sedative and tranquilizing, the effect of the liver submergence.

is in accordance with the can knead the following points with your thumb:inside, god's door, and three the middle of the palm of the palm, the wrist is tattooed 2 inches(in the same body, the width of each person's own thumb is 1 inch, and the same), between the long tendon of the palm and the flexion of the radial wrist.the chakra is located on the horizontal line of the wrist of the palm, and the radial side of the ulnar wrist flexor tendon.the third yin is inside the lower part of the lower leg, and the tibia can be felt on the tip of the foot, which is behind the tibia.these three holes cooperate each other, and press 5 to 10 minutes each day, which can play the role of anshen.

3, homemade"anshen brain porridge"

take fried zizyphus jujube kernel(chinese herbal medicine available) wrapped in gauze, 50 grams, add water right amount decoction after 30 minutes, remove the zizyphus jujube kernel need not, in the decoction of zizyphus jujube kernel water with millet 200 grams, 50 grams of lily, then add right amount boiled porridge, porridge cooked.add brown sugar 25 grams, 1 hour before bed.

nutrition analysis:millet, also known as millet, the sexual flavor is salty,"compendium of materia medica,"li shizhen said that millet"cooked porridge and food, eat and eat, the deficiency, the intestines and stomach".its function is"jianpi, and stomach, sleep".modern medicine believes that the level of sleepiness after meals is often associated with the content of tryptophan in food proteins.tryptophan causes the brain's neurons to secrete serotonin, a serotonin hormone, that temporarily inhibits brain activity and makes people feel sleepy.the more the brain cells secrete this material, the more difficult it has the highest concentration of tryptophan in all grains, and the amount of tryptophan is as high as 202 mg per 100 grams, which is not comparable to other addition, millet is rich in digestible starch, which can make people feel full after eating, which can promote the secretion of human insulin and further improve the amount of tryptophan in the it's the best food for sleep.lily has the effect of pure heart and spirit.sour date kernel flavor gan, ping.there are nourishing the liver, ningxin, anshen, and amenity.used for treatment of restlessness, panic, insomnia is very good.


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