a little rice porridge with it a bowl of qi and blood every day is not!

rice porridge with a little bit of it, every day a bowl, good blood, kidney qi,"three high"all have no!

millet is the food crop of the original and our country, which has a history of 8 thousand years in our country.millet is called chestnut rice in ancient times.according to traditional chinese medicine, millet has the function of strengthening the spleen clearing damp and the stomach and nourishing the kidney, which is a good tonic for the modern sub-healthy people.

a lot of good friends know millet, but don't know how to eat, how to match.today, xiao xiao is here to talk to you about millet's regimen.

[millet health value]

rice porridge, it is also known as"daishen tang"by chinese medicine practitioners, and it can be seen that the rice porridge is the food of many adoptive people.

nutrition experts study, millet contains rich essential trace elements, including zinc, manganese, selenium, copper, iodine, etc.the most abundant element

millet for maintaining the gonads health, promote the development of the sexual organs and normal development of the fetus, have very good effect.

rice porridge boiled, the top layer of sugar water, called rice oil, is drunk on an empty stomach, and has a very good health effect.

【 millet gruel, put it in a bowl every day, disease prevention and health preservation 】

millet congee is keeping in good health and a modern white rice, noodles to eat too much, the very lack of trace elements of the body, plus, a lot of people don't pay attention to preserve one's health, body organs as there are many small problems.as a result, we recommend that you drink a bowl of rice porridge every night, which is extremely beneficial to your health.here are some of the methods of health food therapy for millet.

    <p>huangqi rice porridge:invigorating qi, invigorating spleen, dehumidifying</p>

method:about 30 grams of astragalus wash first, put into the casserole, add water right amount, soaking, decocting 2 times, to slag juice.100-150 ml.add in about 100 grams of millet, and water in proper amount.boil it in a small fire until the rice is in bloom.every morning and evening fasting, warm clothing.

effect:yiqi shengyang, invigorating spleen dehumidification.it is most suitable for the auxiliary diet of low energy, sagging of stomach, etc.

    <p>millet egg congee:cure insomnia, raise heart amenity</p>

method:after the first 50 grams of millet elutriation into the casserole, add water right amount, with the fire and meters after flowering, use small fire to cook porridge cooked, add in egg and stir well.eat warm and warm every night.

:health care, lack of care, insomnia and insomnia have good adjuvant treatment efficacy.

    <p>small rice porridge with silver carp:/p>

method:silver carp to scales, gills and internal organs, wash and go to stab, sliced, with eight basin, add green onion, ginger, sesame oil, salt, pickled elutriation clean towel gourd benevolence wash spare moments millet, pan fire, into the millet porridge, towel gourd kernel, right amount clear water, such as porridge will mature, add fish fillet and cook for a moment, fish cooked add msg.

:underpass milk.it is suitable for the consumption of postpartum milk.

【 millet other health collocation 】

millet congee had a very good health diet, but if can match the suitable food eat together, not only delicious, but also can increase its nutritional value and healthcare value.let's see if rice porridge is suitable for food.

1, naked oats, millet+

naked oats again called naked oats, tcm believes that naked oats is gas under the wide, tonify deficiency yiqi, dehumidification sweating, antidiarrheal very good diet, such as an edible with millet, can not only increase the intake a variety of vitamins, minerals, but also for obesity, qi deficiency, the person that weigh moisture, have very good healthcare value.

2, millet+soybean

isoflavones contains very kind material, a variety of complications of diabetes have good inhibitory effect, especially the eye disease symptoms caused by diabetes.

3, millet+feed oats with

oatmeal is very good fall hematic fat food, eat together with millet, not only can increase the vitamin and mineral intake, and for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, there are certain auxiliary effect for the treatment of preserve one's health.

4, millet+longan

longan blood raise colour is very good food, eat together with millet, can increase the dietotherapy effect, tonifying qi and blood to heart damage of pixu(spleen deficient), qi and blood deficiency, insomnia, forgetfulness, fright, such as patients have very good diet.


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