you can get a delicious pickling of pickled cabbage in a jar of pickled cabbage for a month

autumn/winter, the season of pickled cabbage in the northeast.northeast sauerkraut is to marinate with vat, the raw material is chinese cabbage, curing method is slightly different, useful hot pressed, there is a direct use cold water, useful boiling water, add a small amount of salt, also have do not add salt, seems to each method can be pickled flavor the united states, brittle sour pickled cabbage.pickled cabbage is the main course for the long winter table in the northeast, and is also a way to preserve chinese, big bone sauerkraut, fatty pork stew stew sauerkraut blood sausage, pickled cabbage pork dumplings, etc has become the composed of representatives, more be away from home in the northeast part the most miss, miss the taste of most!in the network today, the northeast pickled cabbage also gradually morphed into northeast culture, a"cui hua, the pickled cabbage"once spread across the great river north and south!

:i've been doing this for several years and i've taught my friends to do it.clean sanitation still does not occupy the place, even the northeast person who is away from home, can also do a few bottles to solve the sorrow of love.

a cabbage remove laobang, clean

container had better choose glass, do not use plastic containers.the bottle of the usual jar, the bottle that pack salted food can be reused after washing and control.

cabbage cut into strips, thickness, wanted to eat fried, stew to chop up some, i like to do with the stuffing, so thick.after been cut and take 2 tablespoons salt water

one or two hours later, the cabbage soft, also a lot of water

the cabbage into the bottle, and try to compaction

the final fill cold water

cover with respect to ok

reverse method also is a kind of seal about a month later can eat the

this bottle is i took during my last year to do.

so make sauerkraut is most suited to making dumplings, the collocation of sour pickled cabbage and pork is the most delicious!

do dumplings dumplings with steamed, and with cool water.pickled cabbage is never enough to eat.

quick action, and i'm doing a few bottles of sour pickled cabbage!!!!


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