the balcony planted these nine hardy vegetables one winter has fresh vegetables to eat more beautiful than green

, as long as there is sunshine on the balcony, autumn and winter can also plant a few fresh vegetables on the balcony, it looks green and raise your eyes, and pick some when you want to eat, especially convenient.these kinds of vegetables are just right now, they are also hardy and can continue to grow in winter.good food, a winter with fresh vegetables.

parsley, aka cilantro, its tender leaves and stems have a special fragrance, the ornament that can do the dishes, also can flavor, to red meat, parsley can do soup, salad, fried to eat, a variety of ways, such as dumpling stuffing yourself a basin, want to eat,, very convenient.

the balcony parsley planting methods:

common round flower pot or strip flowerpot can kind of, breathable with more loose leaf soil fertile, kind of coriander trick is to put seed treatment, because it has a round a hard shell, don't open shell, seed hard to absorb water, resistance to sprout large cause slow germination.

so the best approach is to first twenty hours in the bubble water, and then gently rub it into two and a half, and then seeded upon earth, will sprout particularly fast, they a lot.

purple jade rapeseed, ordinary rape you must eat, but not necessarily a purple, purple it is also the front and the back of a green, very beautiful, the taste is better than the ordinary vegetables fresh, in addition to rinse hot pot delicious, soup and delicious, special taste of food.there is also the effect of reducing blood fat and detoxifying.the best time to plant it is in the autumn and winter.

purple jade rape planting methods:

it's pretty simple, ready to a drain pots, diameter of 15 centimeters of above, the basin earth to soak, then sprinkle with seeds, covered with a layer of thin soil, then add water, keep the soil moist, five days later will sprout.

can grow up to ten days of thinning, are too dense affect growth, miao can transplant to another bowl to continue.give it an organic fertilizer after 15 days, it can be harvested in about twenty days, very fresh and delicious.

red stem spinach, although, unlike ordinary spinach longer, more beautiful eat better, but the growing methods are the same.spinach contains a variety of vitamin c, eat to increase physique and so on.the balcony is suitable for growing spinach at home.

red stem spinach cultivation methods:

prepare fresh spinach seed germinate because it slowly, so need to seed twenty hours, still can put wet towel on sprouting day such as the small white bud sprouting from seed to sow, three times the soil, cover seeds with watering can spray can germinate in seven or eight days, add organic fertilizer in the bottom fertilizer, or make some cakes and fat chicken manure buried in the pot every 20 days later.the spinach was growing and flourishing.

leeks, leek one can eat for a couple of years, harvest a lot of times a year.making a dish of chives fried with eggs or chive stuffing is also very delicious.

the balcony leek planting methods:

up is super easy, to prepare a large wide pot, pot soil can use ordinary garden soil mixed with plant ash or rotten chicken manure.make some leek root, plant five plants in a nest, plant the soil after planting, water the water, sunbathe.

to 10 cm above the harvest in time, one time, fertilization, immediately will grow new again.

chinese little greens, or chinese cabbage, the seed can eat, more than a month after long quick and's easy to plant a few pots in the house and cook the next noodle or soup in the morning.winter is not afraid of freezing to death, long green empty oil pot can be grown in old sprouts quickly.

chinese little greens growing methods:

as long as the seed is fresh, no need not seed sprouting, direct sowing seeds into the pot, covered a layer of thin soil, after pouring enough water.the soil is delicate and loose, because the soil is too large or the size of the stone will affect the germination sprouted in five or six days.

a secret just remember thinning, pulled out a small, fertilization in time and again, long's just like a swan.

garden chrysanthemum, because the flower is beautiful, also known as chrysanthemum food, taste fresh and sweet, contain a variety of nutrients, especially carotene content is more than a lot of vegetables.

the balcony garden chrysanthemum planting methods:

select fresh seeds, ready to diameter deep pot or planter, with fine soil and garden chrysanthemum seeds evenly mixed first, and in the soil surface, and covering a layer of soil, don't too deep overburden soil lest affect germination.the northern balcony can be planted all year round, can harvest in more than 40 days.

bitter radicchio, its leaves are delicious, with moisture and protein, calcium, vitamin rich, suitable for raw, cooked to eat or make is known abroad as a milk dish, often with a salad of green leaves.

the bitter radicchio planting methods:

ready to fresh seeds, ordinary basin and clip figure of the earth.the bottom of the basin can be gasping for some stones.water the pot soil thoroughly, seeds are scattered on the soil, and a small amount of soil is can sprout in five days.long to three leaf can be planted to plant, it likes to bask in the sun, the base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer and phosphate's too dense, and you can harvest the tender leaves two months after planting.

lettuce, this often eat at ordinary times, the supermarket to buy back the not fresh, but own up is very simple.

the balcony kind of lettuce methods:

as long as the guarantee of seed has not expired, after planting soil, add water, and germination speed quickly, six's a little bit thin, and the bigger, the bigger the individual, like some creamy lettuce or glass lettuce, which is very nice and nice.

big garlic sprout, it can prevent cancer, have antiseptic effect to human body, often eat at ordinary times, kind of up also don't don't of simple.

big garlic sprout cultivation methods:

a hydroponic, only need to prepare a bowl of water or a lunch box, into the water after put the garlic in can waiting to eat garlic sprout.the soil is easy, the ordinary flowerpot and the soil can, the garlic break apart into a single, insert into the soil, after five or six days, the garlic sprout comes out, can eat three or four times.

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