the big street snacks that attack your health should pay special attention to the last one.

street food is a symbol of the regional food culture, and it is believed that everyone has patronized these"fly restaurants".some snacks do taste good, but are they really healthy?

and the incidence of cancer is higher and higher, now medical research has shown that the usual eating habits, comes the etiology of more than half.don't say that you dare to eat anything that might cause your"chronic death".your life is more important than your mouth.

iron squid

iron squid is a very common street snacks, but the squid is chemical solvent, also often see.many unscrupulous peddlers are soaked with caustic or formalin, while keeping fresh, and on the other hand, it makes the squid look bigger.but the actual damage to the human body is so great that it can damage the kidneys, liver and so on, and more serious damage to the nervous system.most of these chemicals remain in the body, and the damage is even greater.<br/>

boiled corn

often see in the street cook corn, steaming, golden color good appetite.many people feel that the cooking of the outside is better than the cooking of their own home.but you probably don't know, this is the corn essence.add corn flavor, not only can make corn flavor more intense aroma, can cover to drop originally already the taste that already made sour, but can cause very big harm to liver and digestive system.<br/>baked gluten

baking gluten is not strange, crisp taste appearance, inner strength.but do you really know what's in the grill?in many places, the grilled gluten will be disinfected with a white is commonly used in industrial bleaching, which is a kind of strong carcinogenic is extremely harmful to the lungs, liver and is also prohibited to use in food processing.<br/>

steamed stuffed bun

believes that many people will be in the noodle shop to buy a breakfast a steamed stuffed bun.but unscrupulous vendors use pig sarcomas, bloody necks, dead pigs and meat, as well as carcasses or beef extracts, and even paper shells.<br/>


you will find that there are a lot of grill meat string of special color red, or marinade much more special, and tastes very strange tell you the truth, there are dead cat meat, dead rat meat, and beef flavoring with duck know why you're having diarrhea.then i'll tell you, it's even more common to put in the bad meat.<br/>


malatang, a lot of people love to eat, regardless of whether all items are cleaned.first, the water is used repeatedly, which can accumulate many harmful substances, such as nitrite and oxalic acid.even a lot of bad businessmen put in poppy, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, piperic acid, painkillers, i sincerely tell you that the medicine is not a joke.<br/>

twisted dough-strips

the scene outside the fried dough sticks, looks very health.but the fried oil was so high in aluminum that even the blackspots were"delicious"with the enemy.if you read it correctly, you are the enemy!so the outside fried food, really don't eat any more.<br/>

seafood booth

seafood really attractive and delicious.but many unscrupulous traders just put some live seafood on the surface and replace it when they are may not know that seafood is mixed with formaldehyde, except that you may have some strange things to eat.<br/>

roast sweet potato

the people today are no longer keen to big fish big meat diet, steaming and delicious roast sweet potato, as some people favorite snacks.but a lot of small vendors use casks that are recycled from the garbage dump and have been roasted for long periods of time, and it's hard to see what chemical solvents you've had before.the residue is already deep in sweet potatoes in the baking process, which can cause liver damage over time.<br/>

sugar fried chestnut

the sugar fried chestnut season has emerged, see street now fry chestnut, all can't help but want to buy some.but remember, the more you look at the good chestnuts, the less you want them.because many peddlers sell their products to sell, they add industrial wax to the market.industrial wax has carcinogenic substances and has been eaten to cause brain nerve and liver lesions.<br/>

says so much, xiao xin wants to say to everyone sincerely, for the sake of health, do-it-yourself!


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