grandma summed up the cooking tips to learn the color of the fragrance!

a lot of friends cook, the steps, the ingredients, the dosage, even the heat are all required to do, but the dishes that are to be made are generally sold, not to mention the color, aroma and taste.what is it about?

there are tips, not the same way, also can let food is in your hands glow different"color".today i'm going to teach you some very practical tips for everyday cooking.give your cooking a"refresher"!

cutting tips

cut pork, the need to cut down the meat texture, so cut the pork, after after stirring, not easy to loose;when cutting beef and mutton, cut it against the texture, and the knife and texture are more likely to be cooked and chewed in a 90-degree cut.

stew tofu tips

tofu are rich in nutrition is high, many friends are willing to join a few pieces of tofu when stew boil.before placing tofu in a pot, soak it in boiling water for 15 will not only remove the taste of the bean, but the tofu will be delicious and delicious.

fry vegetables trick

after the big fish big meat will prepare a plate of stir-fried seasonal vegetables to relieve greasy.when sauteed vegetables, the dish will grow old and stiffer if the cool water is added to the pot.add boiling water to the pot, the dish that stirs is again crispy and tender.blanch the vegetables with boiling water before frying them, and the color will be brighter.

eggs poached tips

the shell of the egg into the boiling water first soak 1 minute or so, such as the water boiled pot, soaking out good eggs, again into the pot, using this method, finally boiled eggs is complete without damage.

quickly boiled green beans tips

mung bean porridge is our common family table porridge kind of staple food, a lot of people know to soak before mung bean porridge, porridge made soft waxy.fry mung beans in an iron pot for 10 minutes(don't fry them), then cook porridge in a rice cooker, which will soon be boiled and boiled, without the need for water.

soup for salty tips

hard clay pot soup, finally put much more salt, what a pity.take a potato, remove the skin and cut into two pieces.cook in a pan for 10 minutes.

quick-frozen dumplings don't break the skin tips

prepare for a basin of water(cold water) put in quick-frozen dumplings soak;next to the pot, fire to boil water, until the water temperature to about 40 degrees, dredge the soaked dumplings, bottom into the pot.the boiled dumplings will not only break the skin, but will also be the same as the new ones.

yam peeled the trick

your yam, hands and slippery and itching.wash the skin of the yam with the skin, steam it for 2 minutes, then peel it.this will remove the mucus and the skin can easily be peeled off.

fast foam dry mushrooms tips

put 45 degrees or so warm water in a sealed box, add half a spoonful of sugar, and then put in the wash and dry mushrooms, cover the box with the hand shake 2 minutes.

steamed fish, steamed meat tips

when steam boiler water boiled, steamed drawer this way, the fish and meat suddenly heat up, and the meat shrinks, which can keep the juice of the ingredients to the maximum.after steaming, the meat is fresh and juicy.

boiled pork stomach tips

boiled pork belly, don't be boiled salt, cook pork stomach and stir-fry and don't put salt, put the pot when, or you'll be hard and bad do you should chew.

boiled beef tips

when boiled beef, the pot with a small bag of green tea package, in this way, not only will soon boiled beef, beef made at the same time will be more delicious.


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