do not eat meat the original sheep is the highest state of cooking!

china has an old saying is called"hungry to sell dog meat", said the name is not a real name.but today, the price of dog meat and no more than lamb cheap, so hung the sheep to buy dog ​​meat feel no loss ah!

to turn back the topic, i want to talk to you today is the question:sheep head really good? the

in general, in addition to the head and the old man has just been sizzling, in most cases, the head of the poultry is cheaper than the meat, nothing more than because the raw material of the livestock is too difficult to understand, are generally written scrap.we see in the market inside the mutton soup, even in the supermarket to see the frozen lamb, mostly peeled to the head, which there is a big reason because the sheep's face is too much hair, and clean up very troublesome , so the general family, but will not buy sheep's the same time, in order to facilitate the storage and transportation, food companies will usually remove the sheep, which is another rarely see a special place to sell sheep's head.

but the question comes, there are many gourmets think:eat but instead the highest state of eating meat! because the head of the meat is not only the taste of the most rich taste, and the meat is the flesh of animals, the most delicate part of the body, then the taste of sheep's head is not it?

when a reporter, a cantonese chef told me that"sheep meat"with"cream meat"since ancient times is the superior food of cantonese cuisine, the united states called"sheep head","ngau tau".having said that, i really did not have the opportunity to eat the sheep's meat, but the northeast of the sheep's head so i was very memorable.that time to finish the sheep soup, the owner of the side of the white water boiled sheep head, round face was cut very thin, relied on salt to eat really meat gravy, silky smooth to describe! in the experience of the northeast of the cold, i was a dish of sheep meat, drink half a bottle of white wine.

i am familiar with a few mutton xinjiang is quite familiar with the xinjiang museum, naturally there are more opportunities to eat sheep's head.xinjiang museum of the sheep's head is to have the system, the traditional more than they will first use the torch head of the hair repeatedly burned several times, then clean and then soaked in water, the practice is also dividends, white two:the so-called"white"is the water sheep's head; and"red"refers to stir-fried lamb meat.

"water sheep"is my favorite lamb when the favorite eat, clear white boiled with hot water, sheep face meat cut down so stained with a little salt, because boiled enough rotten, the kind of collagen texture and even sticky and beauty.there are sheep ear, sheep tongue, etc.different parts of the taste is indeed different, if not on the plate of the sheep skull scared, in fact, really is delicious!

and not suited to sheep smell of mutton, stir-fried lamb meat is a very good choice.the chef on the sheep's head tender meat carefully separated after the addition of pepper stir-fried, this time the sheep's head meat will show another kind of shuangjin! and sheep meat easy tasty, as long as a little better lamb meat, there is kind of like eating the feeling of playing it!

it is said that xinjiang street selling sheep's head is very cheap, because the food is too cumbersome and not many people willing to do, generally sell five dollars a, there are many old squads squatting slowly in the bite the sheep, this picture is from xinjiang worked media friends told me.i am the brain to make up the picture, although i have the urge to do cooking, but i seriously read the sheep's head of this ingredients, the basic elimination of the idea, the sheep face too much hair! too much trouble! so it is honest and honestly eat the goats to go.

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