i remember going to jiangnan next year to eat these seasonal food


wormwood juice made with cyan small house group or wrapped in a variety of salty or sweet filling.this time, the green flag of the green group has been listed a bite, soft waxy waxy, as if the whole spring into the mouth.

scallion soybean

shepherd's puri

3 months each year the most delicious, suxi region like to do shepherd's purse ravioli, nanjing hi to do shepherd's purse round child, roast duck shepherd's purse soup.or do shepherd's purse tofu soup, chopped into the broken silk tofu, add water to release powder, add spring bamboo shoots and mushrooms tablets, taste good to swallow several bowls.

p> catch the former longjing, casually fried fragrance into the shrimp, unlike shrimp, shrimp fleshy more fresh single, you can better blend the aroma of tea.

longjing shrimp

brasenia schreberi

west lake brasenia river soup formerly known as"chicken fire brasenia decoction", brasenia schreberi green, chicken white red, fresh color, taste alcohol fragrance.

underage eel made of food, fresh and delicious unique, jianghuai region of eel meat tender, delicious, nutrient-rich.

p> luolong high floor buds are short, it is when the boomers live.three fresh crown, the traditional eat puffer fish, a pot of burned out, the chef to eat in front of the diners face to show a safe.the most beautiful puffer fish is that layer of skin, this three fresh, all to yangzhong to eat right.




silverfish scrambled eggs

p> cauliflower

shrimp braised hoof flat tip pork

shrimp stewed flattened pork veil

eel paste gluten plumbing pork

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the best season.the snakehead fish, steamed grouper.


the same is waiting for the cauliflower to eat when the most fat, love ye boil burning, anyway, are delicious.

in the spring, the wolfberry fresh stems and leaves are also delicious when the vegetables.wolfberry head taste delicious and delicate, but also with a trace of bitter, very unique.

malan edible is the fresh germination of the tender leaves, crisp taste, refreshing taste, the current dishes and appetizers are great, many restaurants are chopped minced orange salad dried sesame oil as an appetizer.

p> after the spring of the toon like the rain after the agate, is fragrant smell is mixed, the common practice is the toon head scrambled eggs.due to the toon head is rich in protein and vitamin e, rich flavor, catch the eggs, teeth cheeky fragrance.

p> alfalfa fresh green leaves in the sparkling wine or rice wine will be inspired by the extreme herbal fragrance, for cooking jiang fresh, the entrance that is.

spring and summer season sentence brain tender stems and leaves taste the best, with their own essential oils, so the taste of chrysanthemum brain exceptionally refreshing and refreshing, green leaves into the silk flower, into a bowl of jade staggered soup the

chrysanthemum brain

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