aunt sums up the kitchen tips every one is super practical!

cut the meat tips

1 cut beef and mutton:

against the texture cut, knife and meat to 90 degrees to cut, will be more conducive to meat taste, more easily bitten rotten

to cut, so cooking fried out of the meat will not spread out.

in the next figure, the state of the eggs at different times, to see what you like to put the boiled eggs adjusted to the corresponding long time can be.

raw eggs in the bowl with open blisters about a minute or so, and so on, then in the pot into the eggs, so no matter how to play, eggs will not spread, so you can cook the perfect poached it!

the first tofu with boiling water for 10 minutes before the next pot, you can remove the tofu comes with the brine flavor, so doing the back of the process, how to do will be very good to eat

30 minutes, and then the next knife is not easy to break friends.

fried bread can be soaked in cold water for a while, so that the steamed bread crisp crisp crisp, excellent color, but also special fuel-efficient.

meat, with a little cover about the lid, you can reduce the oxidation of oil can speed up the speed of food fried yo.

fried vegetables when the cold water will make the dishes become harder and harder, add water will make it become crisp and tender.

always fried black try to add some vinegar in the pot, fried out of the eggplant will not be dark, and particularly useful yo~

1110 min thawed meat

the need to thaw the meat with two aluminum pots, or put the meat in the water can speed up the thawing speed

12 fried meat delicious tips

add some starch and soy sauce mix and then stir, let the fried meat fresh and delicious, very delicious.

do sweet and sour taste of the dish, the first sugar and then look, so with a small amount of salt can be deployed more appropriate salty, and more healthy.

stir the dishes do not immediately wash, add a little warm water inside the rest, or iron pan suddenly cold, especially easy to bad.

how to do

if the soup is not careful stewed salty, with a clean potatoes in the soup to cook for a few minutes, the soup will become lighter yo, than the water is much easier to use.

add a little carrot, half an hour after the radish out, you can get a good lamb smell of mutton.

fish to put cold water, so that the fish did not smell more delicious, and the water to a one-time enough to put the middle of the soup is not so fresh.

, the water boil and then put the meat, hot water suitable for cooking meat, cold water soup taste better.

when the water is about to boil and then put in, can keep vegetables and vitamins and crisp tender taste.

beef, when put into a tea bag, beef will soon boil, and the taste is more delicious.

chicken soup, cold water under the pot, guy slowly brewed, halfway can add a small amount of boiling water, remember never to add cold water.

belly can not put salt, or cook it will be very hard, in the fast pan when the salt, taste better.

green beans are not easy to boil, you can use the wok dry fried a few minutes of green beans, and then the next pot porridge, you will find it will soon be boiled.

noodles noodles, hot water when the pot, the basic water to open and then roll a few minutes can be a pot of edible, wet surface will have to wait until the water is completely boiled before the pot, and then twice the cold water can pan the

porridge, it is best to freeze the rice a night, and then put the frozen rice in the water to boil, so porridge and cotton and slippery, taste great.

cook together, taste better, and cooked faster.

egg is beaten in a bowl and stirred until it is completely disintegrated.after adding a small amount of milk and sugar, then stir, after about 60, remove the bubbles and let into the steamer friends.

p> steamed buns with cold water, after the pan is more soft and delicious.

, orange, grapefruit is not dirty hands

peel orange, grapefruit roll forward, roll finished and then stripped, you can completely remove the whole, and not dirty hands.

or cut off the two ends, and then gently knife, this method only mito, orange can become a piece of the film.

34 watermelon tips

parallel cut two knives.

around the watermelon around the turn, then the middle of the flesh cut into a small lattice shape.

find a bowl of a down, minutes to solve, are four or four square side, eating also cool!


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