a group of north tsinghua university bullying barbecue shop fire with their neurological theory to prove why the delicious skewers

if you can choose, you want a skewer for a doctor to give you surgery, or want a surgery to do the grill to you to serve you?

now you can choose it together!

recently, a company called"lancet"barbecue shop fire, and shop a dozen partners are all from tsinghua university, north china's medical students......

speaking of"lancet", in addition to the famous academic magazine, the circle of doctors first thought must be this"atypical"barbecue shop.

said it"atypical"because you may be in peking university and concord hospital, see yesterday to help you pour the shop small two......

boss:see the waste oil, i do not! can! endure!

this is called"lancet"barbecue shop, is a young doctor wang jianhe cheng si joint 16 from peking university and tsinghua university graduate alumni cooperation in business projects.

and founder wang jian decided to shop the reason, turned out to be because a pool of waste oil......

he said in the official micro-signal of the barbecue shop:

a year ago in the morning, from the library back to the dormitory, i suddenly saw someone openly in the cafeteria near the sewer to waste the waste oil! the the i see the road illegal, angry and alarm, the police quickly out of the police, the other fled away.the next day, no law still.

after a week i found the third time, they are still rampant to continue.as a doctor, i too know that the waste oil on the human body injury, more importantly, it deeply hurt the hearts of a food!

since then a small target is so established-i want them to fail! i do not believe that the hotel i used to worry about fighting but waste oil!

apply a word, rest assured that the oil will be late, but will not be absent.there is a layer of reason, is wang jian found that a sideline more so that they do not have economic concerns, simple and purely do a doctor.

last year, wang jian's brother was seriously ill, everyone spontaneously donated.he found a hot enemy but shy in the bag.wang jian forget the money when the need to dig out the taste of money.

"i need sideline, it makes me no economic concern, simply and purely a doctor."

wang jian spent a very short time to decide the project, for him, there is no strong action with the door of the teacher cheng si into the occupation, this project will not do.

cheng wire is not occupation, she scowled, sternly reminded shige:"? are so busy working day, also open grill, got the time to study business."

wang jian do not give up, six months, did not delay the work of the case, gradually formed a barbecue shop detailed feasibility program, from a restaurant industry layman, into a half expert.finally, he finally said through the cheng silk, and then found a dozen students together scrape together the start-up capital, in the absence of shop, not sure the overall size of the investment, there is no name of the case, the official announcement of the"xuzhou barbecue"project started.

as a xuzhou people and a professional"eat goods", wang jian feel that they have the responsibility to own the delicious delicacy of their hometown-xuzhou barbecue to beijing, so that friends around to enjoy the blessing.

xuzhou barbecue to goats as a selling point, and how to choose meat, just on the gang of the professional who"mouth."

source:beijing lancet barbecue micro-channel public number

after the decision to open the grill, the students of the school came to study the composition of the different meats of kobe cattle, and analyzed the meat with the theory of neurology.

finally found that goat meat because the fat contains a called"4-methyl octanoic acid"fatty acids, volatile will produce a special smell of mutton, really better.

shop front, the shareholders on the set a few rules, and a lot of barbecue shop approach runs counter to almost all-not meat marinated in advance, must now brush are baked; grilled chicken never and the use of electric baking; oil brush after all discarded, can not be repeated oil; all dishes can not be overnight, including cold dishes and side dishes.

they are doctors who must be responsible for the health of the patient's diet.

however, the occupation also brought them a little bit of sequelae, the operator's medical background is always the thread they say:"again two patients","this is the door patient string".

even, they also came up with the"background free consultation medical problems"of the suction powder, a message to ask questions, they will launch the best specialist in beijing to answer.however, this effect is not good, not many people will ask questions.

the future:i hope to give more strength to the peer, make a discount is also considered a lot of money,

this time,"lancet"into the public eye, or because a"discount text."


this article published in the"lancet"barbecue shop wechat public on the article took less than an hour , reading the number of broken 10w, because they"for the academic guys transfer tea,"the discount is so tempting.

as long as the customer published the appropriate academic articles, you can get the total price concessions, the most powerful"school tyrants"the doctors can even let the boss pile up the money.


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