liu tao read the breakfast farewell breakfast shop

recently, many people are being"dear inn"

liu tao wang ke husband and wife suction powder


also feel the amazing tao tao, deft and delicious

today, the main amway about the first two days morning tao sister's breakfast

(here ignore the tao sister's makeup, but still really beautiful)

millet gruel brewed in the process, you can start the system pizza

at the beginning, i do not know what the material to do pizza

check some information, only to find concerned about this"muffin pre-mix the production method is very simple:

fore first add the right amount of water

❥ 2 , then shake, shake, shake shake

❥ 3, pot heating, put a little oil, pay attention here, do not put too much oil

❥ 4, then pour the prepared pine cake mix powder, each piece is not particularly large, too much too thick heating time will be extended

this time the king boss may smell the smell,

handsome debut,

distressed that get some simple breakfast bar

after seeing tao's answer,

i have decided to give up the shop soon

"tofu brain children, pancakes, biscuits , fritters................"

the boss to do all have a kind of mold, it looks really fried chicken simple ha ha ha.

this song pancake mix powder must find a good way to buy, do not blindly start

simple study,

oulei qi this more reliable,

also there are a variety of tastes can choose

with honey taste, this should be more like children, honey is also very good for the body, the work of busy white-collar workers can choose this taste.


there are syrup flavors,

love in the couple essential taste

early morning love breakfast,

sweet taste

do it yourself,

a wonderful breakfast,

one day is energetic!

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