li ka-shing are willing to go to punch the shop now actually opened to shenzhen

it is hong kong's 70 years old, he says the name many people know

it is the star's private dining hall, liang chaowei chow are attracted to eat

it but also for seven consecutive years to get michelin recommended, get the prize is to get soft

now, it came to shenzhen, which is the world's first four, mainland china first!

737 stars to eat

1947, it is just a diamond hillhouse area of ​​the shop, then let bruce lee, chow yun fat, andy lau, tony leung, li ka-shing are attracted to, there are 739 business and entertainment stars.

fried the pig's ridge, cool crisp crispy sweet and sour.i grew up like this mouth, one by one to the plug, simply can not accept the mouth.

> hair every time you go to hong kong shop, will point is this road.looks very common, do not know that it is pepper x pepper it

sub-type and hong kong-style two, sichuan, of course, more authentic, put the fingers of the day pepper, two vitex, dahongpao pepper..."spicy chicken and then spicy, no boss you spicy it!"then made a word brother, let everyone laugh on the spot split.

it is said that liang zhaowei like this dish, every time and jia ling sister together.crystal clear ball, it is first reaction is surprised.

use good chicken soup simmer for 3 hours, then cool, cook, eat it like stripping the grapes, it is a palace dishes it

shop in the table will be the point of the bird cage, do a good job of deep-fried dove pigeons?

, the fried brittle, a go there gravy, it is rare.

it is the most like a fish fish, the ancestral crisp pulp, the tune of the five-star chef good pepper and pepper fish

is in place, eat crisp like fritters, but also leakage of juice!

was rotten rotten, the entrance is very refreshing, but the taste of old tangerine peel will be a bit heavy, i can not accept a little bit.

nine square opposite

1000 square meters of the shop, half of the floor are all windows, full of red lanterns, especially for the elders and dinner together.

the name is called chrysanthemum garden, his family insisted on blind people every year, fen guang society...funding, 17 years to donate more than 2000 million hong kong dollars, so that this"respect for the elderly"of the plaque, it is particularly meaningful.

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