we were in tears when we had a meal prepared for our couple

this is my father-in-law, 75 years old this year, the body is still tough.

, i heard that we have to go back, flew up to live up, the family can eat, can get the hand of the dishes are ready

do not underestimate this pot soup, this pot of good ingredients can be a lot, listen to me thin road to:wild mushrooms, in-laws are native farmers in rural areas, for toxic poisonous mushrooms, a look clear.this mushroom mushrooms than the city to be fragrant, full of bacteria taste.

there are still in-laws picking wild vegetables, did not say what the name, i also do not recognize, temporarily called him wild vegetables it.this kind of wild vegetables is very delicious, leaves fresh, with a touch of grass aroma! in the city for so many years, did not eat such a delicious wild vegetables

this is sweet potato stem, the sweet potatoes of their own species, easy to save, the city has rarely seen this kind of thing.corn grits soup put some sweet potato chips, the whole pot soup has sweet potato aroma, especially sweet.

this is the mother-in-law, just heard that we are coming, immediately born fire, the corn into the corn grits, busy now do not stop

in the in-laws to the corn grits soup done after, and gave the pancakes, not to mention that this pot of pot to do out of the pancake is better than the gas and electric biscuits out of the delicious, golden yellow, rich green onions, since eating the in-laws of the pancake, back to the city and then can not eat such a delicious pancake

my husband and i see such a scene, already burst into tears, where also eat, we come back once, they are busy from late to late, see them covered with cocoon hands, heart could not help pumping a moment.